Guide to packing and moving a wine collection

Moving is an interesting time in a person’s life. Whether you are moving over a long distance or you are actually moving locally, your life is about to change a lot. The process of moving itself is going to make you go through quite an interesting period. There are a lot of things that you have to go through in order to successfully finish a move. If you are moving to New Hampshire, for instance, you will have to actually find some movers in NH to help you with your move. You will then have to make a lot of plans according to the deal you make with them. Moving your medical records, kids’ school records and packing all take time. It is normal that people often forget about things such as packing and moving a wine collection. That is why we have prepared a guide for this specific topic. 

four wine glasses
Make sure you get insurance for you wine

If you are packing and moving a wine collection, it is best to hire professionals

As is the case with a lot of other things in life, when something has to be done, it is best to have the pros do it. The same goes for packing and moving a wine collection. Moving is a really complex process, even if on the surface it looks simple. There are a lot of things to think about. There are a lot of things that you will have to do by yourself. If you are moving a long distance, then you will have even less time to do all of it. That is why hiring professional long distance movers New Hampshire is never a bad idea. Having professionals by your side is a sure way to turn your move into a stress-free process.

When packing and moving a wine collection make sure that corks stay wet
Lay the packing on the side so the corks stay wet

Movers are experienced in dealing with all sorts of troubles that you probably do not know about. In relation to moving, of course. When you have to deal with things as fragile and sensitive as only a wine collection could be, leaving it to the pros is the safest and easiest way to go. They have experience in packing all sorts of different items. Packing clothes is not the same as packing porcelain figurines. Packing those is not the same as packing electronics. So who else to better pack your wine collection than someone who actually makes a living of it?

You want to do it yourself? Here are the crucial tips for doing just that

There are several aspects that you have to be aware of during the move. Each of them matters and we have broken them down for you:

  • Packing – You will need special packing boxes for wine. When you pack them properly, make sure that you put them in your vehicle on the side. This will keep the corks wet which is really important.
  • Distance – Local move, or a long-distance one? Locally you can do it on your own most of the time. Over a longer distance, you should ask for help from a professional.
  • The value – If you are worried about packing and moving a wine collection, then your wine is expensive. Appraise it and then get some good insurance for it.