Guide to Moving with Pets

tips-for-moving-with-petsMany of us have pets! Whether its a cat, dog, bird or fish, they can all get scared when moving into an unfamiliar place. Here are some ways you can make the move less stressful for your pets!

Before the moving process even begins, you have to be sure that your destination is pet friendly.  If you have a dog, check out the neighborhood and make sure there are places for your dog to run around and routes to walk. Look out for other neighbors and overly aggressive dogs that could be a problem. If you have an older dog and you’re picking out an apartment, make sure there aren’t too many stairs!

When the time comes to start putting all your belonging into boxes, your pets will know something is up. Cats aren’t a big fan of change so its a good idea to bring some moving boxes into your house a little early. Try to keep your cat in the room that you will pack last.  This will give him or her a familiar place to go.

On moving day, keep your pets in a room with the door shut.  With people walking in and out and movers roaming around the house, your pets could get scared and make a run for it.  It’s hard to keep track of them when there is so much to do on moving day.  If you don’t have a room to keep them in, ask a friend if they can look after them for a couple hours.

moving with petsDuring the drive to your new home, you’ll want to put your pet in a crate.  Most animals are not use to being in a crate for long periods so you’ll want to train them in the months leading up to your move.  A good way to associate crate time with something positive is to give them treats and praise after every crate session. You can also take them for a short drive to get them use to being in a crate while in a private car service.

When you’ve finally made it to your new home, it may be tempting to let your pet run free and let them explore.  A brand new environment may be a little overwhelming to them so be sure to introduce the new house to them slowly.  Start with one room and let them hang out in there with their favorite toys, treats, food and water. When they are comfortable with the new room, you can introduce them slowly to the rest of the house.

Your pets will be back to their playful selves in no times!