Guide to moving large appliances long distance

Are you moving long distance soon, but you’re not quite sure how to tackle moving large appliances? Preferred Movers are here to help you with the matter! Moving large appliances long distance doesn’t really differ from moving them locally. In both cases, the appliances need to be well prepared, packed, and handled in order to reach the end destination safely. While it might look scary and impossible at the beginning, we can assure you, moving large appliances doesn’t have to be stressful – the process just has to be broken down into smaller parts. Let’s dive right in and see how it’s done!

moving large appliances long distance
Before moving large appliances long distance, clean them.

The first step to  moving large appliances long distance

Before movers Andover MA come to your place to help you with relocation, you’ll need to clean and prepare large appliances. Where to start?

  • Take everything out of the large appliances. If you have a freezer and refrigerator to take care of, take the time to defrost them as well.
  • Take out all the removable parts and clean them with the detergent and damp water
  • Leave the elements to dry before packing and moving large appliances long distance

When the appliances are clean and dry, it’s time to move on to the next phase.

Find the proper packing materials

The next step to moving large appliances long distance is to find high-quality packing materials. When you invest in packing materials, you invest in the safety of your appliances. It’s worth keeping in mind that just getting the packing materials on its own isn’t enough – you have to know what you need and how to utilize them. Those are your options for procuring the packing materials:

  • Rent packing materials from some of the long distance movers Massachusetts offers
  • Order the materials online to save your time
  • Go to the DIY store, but keep in mind that you might need a big vehicle to bring them all home

Pack the appliances

At last, it’s time to shortly go over the way that you should pack your appliances:

  • To save their surface from scratches, wrap the appliances in glassine.
  • Pack the smaller appliances first and place them in the boxes. The bigger ones don’t have to be placed in a box.
  • Don’t forget to pack each removable piece individually in the cardboard box, after wrapping it appropriately.
  • If the appliance pieces are breakable, wrap them twice in the bubble wrap and place in the cardboard boxes filled with packing peanuts.
person packing a box
Pack the appliance in glassine, then bubble wrap, and finally place the appliance in a box if necessary.

Find the help to assist with heavy lifting when moving large appliances long distance

In the end, you should take your time to find the appropriate help to assist you when you’re moving and lifting heavy appliances. In this case, you can ask for help from family and friends, and if the appliances are too big – turn to professionals. They will be able to overcome the obstacles in case they come up, and you’ll avoid getting hurt in case you don’t handle the appliance properly. Moving large appliances long distance doesn’t have to be stressful. Get in touch with us today and book the stress-free move of your dreams!