Guide to moving a pool table in North Hampton

Whenever you have to move bulky and large furniture pieces, you have a hard task ahead of you. So if you are moving a pool table in North Hampton or somewhere nearby, you need help to do so. The easiest solution is to get help from professional movers NH and have them do the job for you. If you are planning to do that on your own, you should carefully prepare for the move. When you are well organized you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Safely moving a pool table in North Hampton

Even though North Hampton is fairly flat terrain, you should properly secure your pool table during transport. Moving this large and heavy furniture can be risky and unsafe. You need to be tactful. Do not just rush into moving a pool table without a proper plan. First, check the best way to transport it. Can you disassemble it first? Get help from family or friends. Also, make sure that you call them a few days or weeks in advance. When they know the exact date of your moving day, they will be able to stay free on the day to help you move.

friends playing pool
Call those friends that used to visit you because of your pool table to help you

Another thing is to get as many helping hands as you can. Having only two or three people to help you won’t be enough. It is better and safer for everybody to have more help than you need, instead of having less help. And again, if you don’t feel you’re up to it, it is better to hire pool table movers NH. Plan out your budget and compare the prices, if you are running on a tight budget.

Is it expensive to move a pool table?

Here you have a couple of options. The first option is to get specialists to disassemble the table and later on put it back together. You will have to pay them for the job and also hire a truck or other vehicle for transport. If you want to try transporting a pool table without taking it apart, you might end up with even higher costs in the end. Meaning, if you damage or break the table during a move, it could also cost a lot. So be careful with planning out the expenses and have in mind which way is safer both for you and your belongings.

The other option is to hire professionals. You can check with your local movers NH whether they offer this service. However, you should carefully choose a company that already has experience with moving pool tables. This is also important because movers can also create damage if they do not have the necessary expertise.

pool table closeup
Moving a pool table is not cheap

If you are hiring professionals check if they provide packing services

If you are hiring movers anyways, then you should check out whether they also have packing services NH. When you use a packing service, you will be able to spend much less time preparing and moving, than you would with tedious packing tasks.

Moving a pool table without taking it apart

Sometimes people try the easiest solution – to move the table without taking it apart. The main problem with this is that you could damage the table just by lifting it. When you grab the frame to lift the table, the weight will be supported by the frame. It could get damaged while you are carrying the table. The slate of the table is usually made from three pieces. Because of that, it can shift when you move it. That can cause slates to get unaligned. And the last thing, but still important, is that you or your helpers could get hurt while moving a pool table. When you are lifting or carrying something of its size and weight, you should know how to lift the table, without anyone getting injured.

Once you have a plan for moving a pool table you should organize transport in advance. Look for a transport vehicle that can easily fit your pool table. The last thing you need is to have the table move around trying to fit it in the vehicle. Therefore you will need a truck with enough space so you can easily place the table inside.

bubble wrap
Moving a pool table in North Hampton without taking it apart is possible but you need to make sure that you pack and protect it well

Additional tools for loading the pool table

When you are moving a pool table in North Hampton yourself, you should consider how you can lift it to put it in the truck. Movers usually use ramps for loading the truck. Everything heavier goes onto the ramp and slides inside. This is not an easy task. Besides the ramp, you will also need moving straps. They are used for lifting large and heavy furniture.

Disassembling a pool table for the move

In case you have assessed that you won’t be able to carry a pool table, even with the help, you might be tempted to disassemble it. There are a few different types of pool tables. No matter what type of table you have, you should be thorough and careful. It is smart to take pictures of the table while you are taking it apart. This way you won’t have to rely solely on your memory once you put it back together. Take as many pictures as you can.

Also, make sure that you photograph smaller details. You will feel like you remembered everything until the moment comes. Plenty of time will pass between taking it apart and putting the table back together. Both time and energy are spent in carrying and transporting this heavy thing. If your moving in and moving out dates don’t align and you are using storage North Hampton NH in between, you should definitely consider hiring a professional. All things considered, in the end, you need to wonder if you are up to the task of moving a pool table in North Hampton by yourself. And are you willing to risk having it damaged during the relocation or is it better to get professional help?