Guide on moving to Exeter NH

Welcome to New Hampshire, the 5th smallest state in the United States. Although small, it has a rich history that influenced the birth of our nation. For example, it was the first state to declare its independence from the United Kingdom. Along with being an essential part of the American culture, The Granite state is well known for its breathtaking nature and has a somewhat old-school appeal. Coupled with interesting financial circumstances it’s no wonder New Hampshire is witnessing an increase in popularity. A mixture of bigger cities like Manchester, Concord and aspiring towns like Exeter and Portsmouth helps New Hampshire attract many new residents. If you wish to move here, we advise you to secure moving services NH for professional help and advice. In this article, we will talk about moving to Exeter NH, what to expect and how to do it the best way.

The financial aspect of moving to Exeter NH

One of the major factors behind any decision to relocate is finances. We always strive towards better job opportunities or lower costs of living. So, how do New Hampshire and the town of Exeter fare in this sense? What can you expect when it comes to the labor market and taxes, and how does that compare with neighboring states?

  • New Hampshire has an unemployment rate of 2.6% which is considerably lower than the national average. However, the minimum wage is around 7$ an hour which is below average at best. Most in-demand jobs at the moment are those of medical personnel, web developer and industrial technicians.
  • No income taxes and no sales tax. Like Florida or Texas, New Hampshire has no income tax. Known for its motto “Live free or Die”, New Hampshire also has no sales tax. Imagine all those goods and services tax-free. This even includes online shopping.
  • Property prices and taxes are quite high. When you have no income and sales tax you have to find other means to fill the state coffers. This translates to high property taxes which can be up to four times higher compared to those in the neighboring states. Moreover, according to website, the median price for homes is around 270,000$ while average rental prices are around 1,700$.

    Picture of dollar bills
    Moving to Exeter NH has several financial advantages, but must be prepared for some compromises as well

Moving to Exeter NH allows you to experience beautiful nature

One of the biggest selling points of all northern states is the captivating nature. The key difference between other parts of the continent is that all four seasons exist, and with clear differences. The most beautiful season is arguably the fall when all those vibrant autumn colors come to life. The great thing about Exeter is that in 15 minutes you can switch the urban environment for untouched nature. Furthermore, New Hampshire is boasting almost every type of terrain from mountains and crystal-clear lakes to beaches, forests, and fields. This allows you to practice a wide array of different outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, mountaineering or skiing. Additionally, the whole state is packed with 19th-century buildings which are always an opportunity for a nice photo.

Moving to Exeter NH allows you to experience stunning nature
New Hampshire has some beautiful nature, especially in the autumn

Exeter is safe

Actually, this is one of the strongest points in all of New Hampshire.  Recent studies named New Hampshire as one of the three safest states in the country. People here are not afraid to leave their front and garage doors open. This family-like atmosphere is present in every corner of the state and it adds to that old-school charm New Hampshire is known for. So, when you are searching for your new neighborhood you can leave the safety parameter out of the equation.

Picture of home in a bubble as a metaphor for safety
Exeter is a charming little town, where you won’t have to worry for your safety

Moving to Exeter NH is easier when you have someone to help you

Relocation is a complicated process that requires total devotion and maximum concertation. It is easy to get lost in all the planning, cleaning, packing and searching for quality agents, movers and so forth. For that reason, it would be wise to secure the services of one of the local movers Exeter NH. Before you decide which moving company to hire, do some background research. Visit the company’s website and read the comments section where people post feedback about the quality of the service. Watch out for details that might signal you that you have business with amateurs.

  • Absence of USDOT number
  • Outdated vehicles and equipment
  • Low-quality packing supplies
  • Unfriendly personnel
  • Nonuniformed personnel
  • Unclear contracts

If you are having trouble finding reliable movers you can always ask your friends who recently moved for advice.

A few more interesting facts about this charming town

Exeter is an ideally-placed town that lies 20 miles from the coast and the town of Portsmouth. The architecture of the city is unique in its own sense with red-brick colonial buildings being the dominant scenery. Exeter is home to several interesting events and festivals like American Independence and UFO festivals. Given the fact that the town is located in the New England region, it is not surprising that Exeter has a fine selection of Inns and breweries. New Hampshire is also home to a large French American population and for that reason dishes like Farmhouse Pâté, French toast and Poutine are very popular here.

Generally speaking, moving to Exeter NH can turn out to be a great decision if you are fine with living in a bit secluded place with property taxes that rate amongst the highest in the US. On the other hand, you will experience a truly mesmerizing nature as well as the somewhat old-fashioned lifestyle. We wish you good luck and safe relocation.