Fun post-move winter activities in Maine

Maine is a perfect state for families. And many people opt to move here for its beautiful forest and untouched nature. It is a state that has something for everybody. From fishing and long walks on the coast to the exploration of its many forest trails. Whatever your heart desires, you can find it in Maine. Also, this is one of the safest states in the USA today. That is why it is a great place to move with a family or retire. But all of that is great to do in summer. What to do when the long winter comes, and you are locked in? Don’t despair. Preferred Movers NH has compiled a list of post-move winter activities in Maine. Some of them are sure to get you out of the house, even in freezing cold.

A few awesome winter activities to try after moving to Maine

Often people forget that Maine is an extremely cold state. So before you hire moving companies Maine, be sure to pack warm. The weather is often unpredictable, and temperatures can drop fast to below freezing. Often people forget this and find themselves locked inside. Because, why endure hardship when you can sit next to a warm fireplace and sip tea. But even seasoned locals know that after a while, you have to go out before cabin fever sets in. So if you love snow and winter sports, you will feel right at home here.

  • The Rink – ice-skating is one of the best post-move winter activities in Maine
  • Black Mountain – have an adventure by trying downhill skiing
  • Take a hike – explore Maine’s many forest trails
  • Portland Museum of Art – escape the cold by exploring a museum

Experience outdoor skating at The Rink

One of the more fun things to do in Maine after moving is ice skating. If you never tried it, The Rink at the Thompson’s Pointe is a perfect place to start. With 10.000 square feet of polished ice, the Rink is perfect for kids and adults alike. So if you enjoy skating, this is the best reason to pack your belongings and head to Maine. And if you think the Rink is too small for you, do not worry. They admit only 50 people at any given time. So you will always have enough space to let go and enjoy the ice. Also, it is relatively affordable. The price of admission is just 8$. And there is no time limit on how long you can stay. Also, if you do not own a pair of skates, you can rent them for 3$.

kids ice scating
Spend a day ice skating with the family

Start your post-move activities at the Black Mountain

Skiing is one of the favorite activities to do in Maine post-move. And thanks to its many mountains, this sport attracts visitors from all over. In fact, many people decide to make a long-distance move because of it. Black Mountain in Rumford is the fourth biggest skiing resort in Maine. And unlike the other ones, this one is the most affordable. With its 45 trails, it is sure to keep you busy throughout your stay. And if you like to challenge yourself, there are many Nordic trails available for you to try. After a day spent having fun in the snow, you can warm yourself in a modern lodge. They serve delicious food that you can enjoy throughout the day. And hot drinks are sure to chase the cold away.

Forest parks are the best place to relax after the move to Maine

Almost 80% of Maine is covered by forests. The other name of this green country is Pine Tree State. For this reason, a lot of people come to Maine to escape the pollution of the big cities. The pine trees make the air rich with oxygen. Thus, making it a perfect spot for anybody suffering from respiratory problems. Parks are open all year round, no matter the season. So in winter, you will be treated to a breathtaking and almost fairy tale landscape. Even with the low temperatures, you will be hard-pressed to stay all day among the snow-covered trees. Also, at some parks, you can experience ice fishing. But do not forget to get a proper license, because only a few days a year you can fish without one.

forest covered in snow
Start your post-move winter activities in Maine by exploring forest trails

Portland Museum of Art

You tried skiing and skating, but now it is time to get warm and relax. Portland Museum of Art offers a place to escape the cold and enjoy the culture. What is great about this place is that they have high-quality exhibits. In fact, they rival some of the best galleries in New York. But what makes it unique is the lack of people. You can spend a whole day here in an intimate environment. But that is not all. They have a café that is accessible without a price of admission. Enjoy a freshly made sandwich and a cup of your favorite drink. And the best part is that the internet is for free. So if you are looking for an alternative place to work, you can always pop up at the museum café.

woman in a museum and statues
Spend some time in a museum to relax after your move to Maine

These are just a few post-move winter activities in Maine

There are many more post-move winter activities in Maine for you to try. Besides Black Mountain, there are plenty of ski centers. Some are more affordable than others. And with the forest covering the state of Maine, there are many parks to enjoy. Also, it is important to mention that locals love good food. So, there are a lot of restaurants for you to try foods from all over the world. Therefore do not get limited by our list. The best way to experience this beautiful country is to explore it without a plan. You never know what surprise lies around the corner.