Fun activities in Somersworth after moving

Just on the border of New Hampshire and Maine, there is a beautiful little town of Somersworth. It is a part of Strafford County NH and lies on the Salmon Falls River. It has a fairly small population of just 12 thousand people, thus making it the perfect family place. You can immerse yourself in a lot of interesting and fun activities in Somersworth after moving. If you are not sure Somersworth is the right place for you, Preferred Movers NH has prepared a list of the top 4 fun activities that will help you decide. Just be careful once you tried them, you will be tempted to stay.

Favorite things to do in Somersworth after moving

As with all the small towns, the community of Somersworth is small and intimate. Whether you move with a family or alone, you will make new friends fast. Accordingly, most of the newcomers choose to buy a place in the center because it has a compact suburban feel. So be ready for a community where neighbors are close, and help each other. Therefore if you are thinking of buying a home here, movers Somersworth NH are here to help you. So here are some interesting and fun things to do in Somersworth.

  • Hilltop Fun Center – Have a lot of fun activities in Somersworth after moving
  • Pumpkin Festival – Spend a whole day with family doing everything pumpkin related
  • Somersworth Riverwalk – Perfect spot to be one with nature
  • The Works Family Health & Fitness Center – a place to enjoy sports all year round

Hilltop Fun Center is a great place to have fun activities in Somersworth after moving

Hilltop Fun Center, located on 165 Route 108 Somersworth, is the place for the entire family.  Of all the things to do in Somersworth after the move, this one will fill up your day with fun and games.

They have an amazing go-kart track. Here you can test your driving skills against your friends. You can drive fast and be sure that you and your kids will be safe. For those who enjoy war games, you should try laser tag. But for those who enjoy activities with less adrenalin, there is a mini-golf area. And if you would like to try your luck with real golf, go to the driving range. With 250 yards in dept, you can really let it fly. People travel a long way to visit Hilltop, and if you are planning on moving to NH from MA, here are some guidelines that will help you.

a child driving a go-kart
One of the fun activities in Somersworth after moving is go-karting

Pumpkin Festival is among the favorite activities in Somersworth

On the second Saturday of October, one of a kind festival takes place in Somersworth – the Pumpkin festival. People from all over visit this small town to enjoy everything pumpkin related. In fact, this is the best family activity to do in Somersworth. Do you enjoy carving a pumpkin on Halloween? If you love showing off your skills, take part in a carving competition. It is a great opportunity to compete with your family who has a better imagination. And for those more artistic, there is a Pumpkin Painting.

But not everything is art and crafts. In fact, several activities will make you sweat: Pumping golf, hayrides, and the town’s favorite Pumpkin Catapult. Pumpkin Festival is truly the number one reason why you should pack your things and move to Somersworth.

Somersworth Riverwalk is filled with fun and free activities

Somersworth Riverwalk is on Buffumsville Road. It is 10 acres of beautiful nature that goes along the Salmon Falls River. What makes this place unique is that you can spend an entire day exploring its many trails. Indeed this is an excellent place to relax and enjoy some fresh air. Specifically, the picnic area makes for a great rest stop. A romantic place where you can enjoy the view of the river and have a bite to eat.

Additionally, there are some great spots for fishing. Additionally, if you are a true water lover, rent a kayak and row down the river. And lastly, for some stunning views, come in the Fall. It is the time when the trees change color and transform Riverwalk into a thing of beauty.

Family strolling in the park is one of the fun activities in Somersworth after moving
Spend a whole day in Riverwalk exploring its many trails

The Works Family Health & Fitness Center – a place to relax after moving

If you are a sports person, look no further than the Works Family Health & Fitness Center. This center has something for everybody, making it ideal for family or group visits. From water sport to tennis you will find everything in one place. And because it is affordable, you can spend the entire day here, enjoying yourself. On the other hand, what makes it unique is that it has indoor and outdoor facilities. Hence, no matter the season, it is open all year round.

Besides its vast number of favorite activities, it also has a wellness program. This program was designed to help and support you if you have a more healthy lifestyle. All this makes the center and an ideal place to relax and have fun in Somersworth all year round.

inflatable flamingo next to the pool and a family swimming
Visit the Health & Fitness Center for some of the best activities in Somersworth

Moving to Somersworth is the start of a new page

Although it is a small town, Somersworth has a lot to offer. Situated on the river and with beautiful parks, it is perfect for nature lovers. From long walks to cart driving, there is something for everybody. Newcomers should keep in mind that these are just a few fun activities in Somersworth after moving. This is a small but vibrant town. The friendly neighbors and beautiful nature make it an excellent place to move to with a family. Seize the day and explore this city without a plan. You will find a lot of pleasant surprises that will make you fall in love with it.