Family fun in Concord NH

If you’re moving with children, prepare yourself for plenty of family fun in Concord NH. The capital of New Hampshire has so many interesting activities. Most of them are designed for all the family to enjoy it. Whether you prefer the great outdoors or exploring the rich history or culture, this city got you cover. Take a look at some of the best family-friendly activities that await you in Concord.

What’s like living in Concord?

Before you start to look for the best state to state movers for your relocation, you should research what’s living in Concord really all about. Moving to another state isn’t a decision that you should make lightly. Especially if you are moving your little ones with you. You’ll have to think about everything, from crime rates to the quality of schools, and choosing the perfect neighborhood.

Also, you will need to make sure to make the whole relocation process easier for your little ones. In order to help them to adapt to a new school, think about moving in the fall. That way, your kid can have a start in their new school at the beginning of the school year. Which will be much easier than to transfer school in the middle of the year.

Since the relocation with your kids is very stressful even for all the family members, think long and hard is it an absolutely good idea. Research the town and see if its features suit the needs of your all family.

Shadows of the family at the lawn.
Concord is a great city for families, but is it perfect for yours?

Consider following Concord’s features:

  • Unemployment rate – If you’re moving to New Hamshire because you have a great job offer, you should still explore this feature. You never know when you may need to find new employment. Luckily, the unemployment rate of New Hampshire’s capital is low at 3.4%, which means that you can fairly fast find a new job if you need it.
  • Crime rate – Safety of your little ones is the main priority when moving with family. That’s not an issue when you’re moving to Concord. Its crime rate is well below the nation’s average – 20% lower to be exact.
  • School district – Education of your kids is equally important as their safety. While Concord’s public schools aren’t in the top of the nations, this city has some excellent educational facilities. You may have to choose to live in a different neighborhood than you intend to, but the quality of your children’s education is absolutely worth it.
  • Living costs – In order to live in Concord, your incomes may need to increase. The monthly costs of living in this city are 14% higher than the national average. Compare the numbers before you start to plan your relocation. You have to be able to afford the living costs of the city that you’re planning to relocate to.
  • Amenities – When it comes to amenities and family fun in Concord NH, this city gets an A+. With its rich history, beautiful parks, and gorgeous nature, plenty of outdoor and indoor activities, vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene, there’s no dull day in this city.

Concord is the perfect place for your family? Start planning your relocation!

After you thoroughly revise all the aspects of living in Concord and decide that moving with your family there is the best choice, you should start planning. There will be so many moving tasks to be done, and the sooner you start, the better you can organize everything.

It is your job to prepare your kids for relocation since children are very sensitive to changes. Especially such big ones, like moving to another state. You’ll need the iron patience and very high level of tolerance if your child starts to rebel against the move. You need to focus all your efforts to diminish the stress that relocation is causing to your child.

You can’t do that if you’re overwhelmed with the moving tasks. The wisest decision will be to hire some local movers Concord NH and delegate the most stressful part of the move to them. That way, you will have time to focus on resolving all the worries that your kids may have about the move.

A good strategy is to point out all the advantages that your move will bring. Highlight how much family fun in Concord NH you will all have, by showing them some of their amenities. If you have time and funds, take your kids to a fun weekend to Concord before the move. That way, they can explore the city and see what expect’s them after the move.

Time for family fun in Concord NH

After the move and settling down in your new home, it’s time to shake off that relocation blues. You and your family members will probably feel the stab of the homesick, so it’s time to keep yourself busy. What better way than enjoying the family fun in Concord NH and exploring all of its interesting amenities.

You just need to decide will you prefer indoor or outdoor family fun time, since Concord has a vast offer of both options. As well as some major events like Halloween Howl that you really shouldn’t miss, since it is the favorite time of year for the children of Concord.

Take a look at some of the best family-friendly indoor amenities:

  • Rattlebox Studio
  • Altitude Trampoline Park
  • Boutwell’s Bowling Center
  • Cowabunga’s Indoor Inflatable Park
  • KrazyKids playroom
  • Red River Theatre
  • The Place Studio & Gallery
  • Everett Arena or Tri-Town Ice Arena
  • VIP Entertainment Center
  • Escape Room Concord
Bowling balls
Bowling is an exciting activity for all the family.

Best outdoor options for family fun in Concord NH:

  • Go on Concord Scavenger Hunt
  • Have an amazing time at Chucksters Family Fun Park
  • Go on Concord River Cruises
  • Go Geocaching
  • Explore New Hampshire Audubon- McLane Center
  • Have summer relief at a local pool
  • Visit one of the many authentic farms in the area
  • Go kayaking or canoeing
  • Have fun by the river
  • Go on Apple Picking Tour
  • Hike/bike on the beautiful trails just outside the Concord
  • Go on Concord River Cruises
Children sailing on the river - great option to have family fun in Concord NH
Your kids will enjoy the vast water activities that the Merrimack River has to offer.

Major events for the whole family:

  • 2019 Winter Fest Concord
  • Hooksett Winter Carnival
  • White Park Winter Carnival
  • Maple Weekend
  • Market Days Festival
  • NH Open Doors
  • Hopkinton State Fair
  • Deerfield Fair
  • Halloween Howl
  • NH Open Doors
  • Concord Christmas Parade