Exploring the Beauty of New Hampshire: Moving to the Granite State

Granite State is the second name for New Hampshire. This small state has become one of the moving trends in 2022 and considering the interest people have in for state, it will be a trend in 2023. So, what attracts the most people to this state is its untouched nature, forests and mountains, and beautiful cities. About 1.36 million inhabitants live in New Hampshire, and the sentence that best describes their life is ‘Live free or die’. So, are you interested in exploring the beauty of New Hampshire? If so, Preferred Movers NH will help you with that! Together we will discover all the natural beauties of this state!

What’s So Special about New Hampshire?

New Hampshire, or the Granite State, is primarily a historical center of the revolution. But also by the production of granite, from which the second name this state derives. Also, in addition to that, it’s also special that this state has a vivid artistic culture and beautiful nature. What our local movers NH reveal to us is that this state is also one of the favorite tourist destinations in the USA. And what attracts tourists is its unreal beautiful nature, many historical attractions, family fun and parks, tax-free shopping, beautiful sea coast, skiing, and winter sports. And also, this state has another, less well-known name that it received from the white peaks of its mountains, “Switzerland of America”.

road in New Hanpshire
Wherever you turn, you will have the opportunity for exploring the beauty of New Hampshire.

According to the latest information from the United States Census Bureau, 1,395,231 inhabitants lived in New Hampshire. What is also characteristic of this state is that residents revealed that in this state they like picturesque beaches the most and that they really like to spend summer days on them. In addition, residents enjoy water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and boating. Also, another interesting fact about this state is that NH is home to 48 mountains at an altitude of over 4000 feet. And it’s on these mountains that you can explore challenging trails and enjoy the stunning view.

Moving to New Hampshire – Granite State

If you have decided to move to New Hampshire, then we must reveal to you several reasons why you made the right decision. Apart from this state, it allows you to explore all the beauties, it also allows you to live a quality, safe and beautiful life. Know that nature and attractions aren’t the only beauty of this place. Even the way of life itself. But in order to be even more confident in your decision, you must find out the basic characteristics of life in NH. So, let’s see!

  • New Hampshire residents are exempt from income and sales taxes.
  • This is a safe state, where crime rates are lower than the national average.
  • New Hampshire has a very favorable real estate market, with an average price of $274,300.
  • New Hampshire brings you 205 sunny days a year with a temperature of 80 degrees.
  • Reduced risk of natural disasters.
  • New Hampshire ranks second when it comes to the education system in the US.
  • New Hampshire is one of the wealthiest states, with major industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.
  • A healthy country, that ranks 13th in health care in the USA.

These facts can also be considered the beauties of New Hampshire. And considering them, you can consider that you made the right decision when you chose this state as your new place to live. And if you have made a final decision, you can start moving. Of course, our moving services NH, are at your disposal. At all times.

The Most Beautiful Places to Live in New Hampshire

Cities, towns, and neighborhoods are also some of the beauty worth exploring in New Hampshire. After you have convinced yourself that New Hampshire is an excellent state to live in, we will now help you choose the most beautiful city that will be your new home. We have singled out a few cities that have been a trend in NH in the past year when it comes to the selection of new employees. And those are:

  • Bedford
  • Londonderry
  • Dover
  • Derry
  • Atkinson
A family skis in New Hampshire
One of the favorite things that visitors and residents of this state really like to do is skiing.

Each of these cities hides its own hidden beauties to be explored. We will reveal some to you, and some you will have the opportunity to explore on your own. So, if you like adventure, get into this story about exploring the beauty of New Hampshire. You will find many attractions and beautiful places that are worth visiting. But also which will be an excellent choice when it comes to your free time, entertainment and activities. And after hard packing, a little fun will really please you. Also, our packing services NH are at your disposal. And of course, they will guarantee the safety of your belongings during transport.

Exploring the Beauty of New Hampshire

By now, you must have understood that this state offers you excellent living facilities, as well as that it’s one of the most popular states in the USA. But since you have already decided to move here, know that you will never be bored in New Hampshire. And that’s why we researched the best places for you, as well as the best things to do.

Let’s say, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is one of the most beautiful places in this state. Here you will learn a lot about the environment, and see the zoo, but also have the opportunity to enjoy the open meadows, mature forests, and wetland walk that will connect you with the nature of this place. And if you want to explore the ocean, visit the Seacoast Science Center. This science center located in Odiorne Point State Park will help you explore and learn about the beauty of the marine world. This center offers an aquarium, indoor touch tanks, exhibits, naturalist-led programs, and events for the whole family.

Other beauties worth exploring are:

  • Architectural Marvel of the Zimmerman House, Bedford NH
  • Derry Museum of History, Londonderry NH
  • The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve, Dover NH
  • The best parks, Derry NH
  • Plaistow Town Fores, Sweet Baby Vineyard, and ZOO Creatures, Atkinson NH

So, New Hampshire offers opportunities for fun and exploration. And if research is your hobby, then this is the place for you. Also, storage units North Hampton NH are available outside to store your research equipment.

Architectural Marvel of the Zimmerman House in Bedford

Bedford is known as the home of the Segway and its inventor, Dean Kamen. And close to this rural town are some of the best schools like Saint Anselm College, University of New Hampshire in Manchester, Manchester Community Technical College, Southern New Hampshire University, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in New Hampshire. Also, this small town is known as a historic market town and as the county seat of Bedfordshire. Here you can find a large number of museums. But also some of the unique, quirky family attractions like the Architectural Marvel of the Zimmerman House.

Tourist exploring beauties in New Hampshire
If you decide to be a tourist, you will have many opportunities for exploring the beauty of Bedford.

This landmark was designed by one of the most famous American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. And currently, this beauty is being cared for by the Currier Museum of Art. Additionally, movers Bedford NH revealed to us that this place can be visited by taking a guided tour of the museum, at 223 Heather Street.

Derry Museum of History in Londonderry NH – Beauty of New Hampshire

Londonderry is famous for its unique apple orchards, which are considered the beauties of New Hampshire. This place is also home to Stonyfield Farm as well as the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Londonderry is a neighborhood without administrative status, but at the same time, it’s considered one of the best places to live, especially for those who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. According to NICHE data, about 25,708 people live here, and the biggest advantage is real estate prices, which are very affordable and average around $366,400. So, in addition to the apple orchard, the Derry Museum of History is another place for exploring the beauty of New Hampshire.

apple orchards, place for exploring the beauty of New Hampshire
You will be able to taste the juiciest apples in the orchards of Londonderry.

Derry Museum of History is a historical museum that offers you to learn about the history of Derry, and also to discover the city as Nutfield in the 1700s through the adventures of astronaut Alan Shepard. Reliable movers Londonderry NH offers told us that this museum is open to the public and offers free admission.

The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve in Dover NH – Ideal place for exploring the beauty of New Hampshire

Life in Devery is like living in a big city. Here you will find many shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as attractions for the whole family. What this city can boast of is the low cost of living, which amounts to about $33,500 per year. If you like this city, our movers Dover NH are here for you! But what is the main characteristic of this city is its attractions. And there are many of them. We singled out the Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the most visited places in this city.

The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve is the place your kids would love the most!

The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve is located on the Salmon Falls River and spans 26 acres. This reserve consists of dense forests, fields, and the coast. In this reserve, you will have the opportunity to meet bald eagles, sea and bay ducks, coastal and mountain birds, deer, and small mammals. And at the same time, many opportunities for exploring and getting to know nature. Also, this reserve is one of the most important state assets.

Derry is a place for the most beautiful park in New Hampshire

This place is also known as the “Space City”. With a population of just over 30,000, Derry is one of the best places to live in NH. And what makes it special are the life opportunities it offers. Especially for families. This small town is home to some top-rated schools, as well as plenty of parks with the best attractions for kids. And at the same time, Derry is a great place if you have a pet! So, our movers Derry NH will tell you a lot of interesting things about this place.

Parks in Deery for exploring the beauty of New Hampshire
You and your dog will really love this place!

Among the most popular parks is Hood Park, located at 4 Rollins St. Derry, NH. This park is home to various attractions and offers you basketball and tennis courts, roller hockey rinks, as well as walking paths, and a private beach and swimming pool. And for your pets, Derry offers fantastic dog parks.

Atkinson NH offers you 3 top places for exploring the beauty of New Hampshire

Another place in Rockingham County offers opportunities to explore the beauty of New Hampshire. There are many places to explore here, starting with Sweet Baby Vineyard where you can enjoy the taste of wine. The next place is Zoo Creatures. At this place, you will be able to meet some of the most exotic animals, including snakes, snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. And another place worth visiting, but also the best place to explore is Plaistow Town Forest. During the summer you will really enjoy walks and beautiful landscapes. But during the winter, you will experience a real winter idyll here.

If you like exotic animals, ZOO Creatured is the place for you!

Atkinson is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a place to start your family. With many possibilities for entertainment, it offers you an affordable life, as well as a quality education. Schools that are highly rated are Community Day Charter Public School – Gateway, Community Day Charter Public School – R. Kingman Webster, and The Birches Academy of Academics & Art. But also, according to NICHE data, this place has an annual income of $123,257 which is considered the main benefit of this place. And if this place is your choice, call movers Atkinson NH and start your move!

Pack Your Suitcases and Start Exploring New Hampshire!

So, if New Hampshire is all that you need, you have no choice but to pack your suitcases and start exploring the beauty of New Hampshire. And don’t forget that our moving company is available for you at any time. Expect professional help from our best movers, and also, piano movers NH is at your disposal. We can meet all your moving needs! So, start now so that you have enough time for exploring!