Expanding your business to Massachusetts – how to do it right

If the time has come to expand your business – congratulations! This is a huge step for every entrepreneur who wishes to take their company to the next level. In case you consider expanding your business to Massachusetts, the tips we share in this article are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team at Preferred Movers NH took the time to curate a comprehensive and informative guide so you can have a smooth business expansion. As a reputable moving company in NH, we also stand at your disposal whenever you decide to move to a new location.

You have to take many factors into account when expanding your business to Massachusetts

Being excited about future ventures is one thing. However, making it happen is an entire process that requires your full focus and strategic planning. Without a plan, you aren’t likely to expand your business successfully. Expansion of your business includes a lot more things to do than finding a new business space and researching moving companies in Massachusetts that will help you move.

a group of friends talking about expanding your business to Massachusetts
Discuss expanding your business to Massachusetts with your team and come up with a strategy

Research the market in Massachusetts

Before you decide what services you’re going to add to your company, research the marketplace in Massachusetts. Gain enough information about in-demand services that would fit with your company’s field of expertise.

Let’s say you run a professional photography studio. At some point, you wish to add more services. Obviously, you’ll check if the marketplace in your chosen city favors merch or experimental photography (like wet collodion, for instance). Fortunately, it’s quite easy to pinpoint what people want thanks to online statistics and a bunch of other resources. So, wait no more and conduct marketplace research. Have your associates do the same. Hold a meeting where you’ll decide on the new service (or services).

Think about how to improve your existing services

Keep in mind that expanding your business to Massachusetts isn’t all about adding new services and searching for the best location. The expansion also includes upgrading existing services. Therefore, check with your team what would be the best ways to improve all your current services. Refer to customer feedback for more information about their experiences. That’s one of the best ways to fix the tiny flaws and take the services to the next level.

a guy thinking about new business ideas
Expand your business with new services and upgrade existing ones

Think about your staff

The next step is to count how many workplaces you’re going to open. Gather your trusted associates and discuss people count and salaries. Envision perfect candidates and write a list of requirements. Be specific about the level of experience you’ll state in a job offer. Decide the salaries based on the level of experience you seek. Also, think of providing additional mentorship in case your future employees express a desire to improve. It’s an extra cost that pays off later.

Look for a new workspace

You’ll need a proper workspace when expanding your business to Massachusetts. Considering how volatile the real estate market can get, it’s wise to hire an experienced realtor. There’s no one who can give you sound advice on this matter than a realtor who knows their work. Consider professionals that helped business owners find the kind of space they needed – from a coworking office to an art studio. Check their credentials and reviews. List at least several realtors and book meetings with them. Compare price ranges, reviews, and years of experience. Finally, pick the one who will serve your best interest from the very beginning.

It might take time until you get to a perfect workspace where you can start a new business chapter. Also, don’t get surprised if a realtor advises you to wait until a better offer shows up and prices drop. The real estate situation is currently quite unpredictable in terms of pricing. This is why hiring a real estate broker saves lots of time and headaches. Plus, it gets easier to find just the right workspace that suits your needs.

Invest in your business expansion

The expansion of business costs. New staff, new workspace, and relocation are just some of them. This is why you must be fully sure that expansion is the right move to make. If the answer remains positive, start planning a budget. Calculate how much your business expansion will approximately cost you. When you have finances in order, the entire process of expansion becomes less stressful. Start with the major costs of your business expansion:

  • New workplaces 
  • New workspace 
  • Additional equipment 
  • Hiring a moving company
  • Transportation

Now is the time to consult your financial planner. Present your ideas, make a list of all upcoming costs, then come up with a spending plan. Take what your trusted financial expert has to say into consideration. The last you need is to run into a financial dead end and borrow a significant amount from a rainy days’ fund (as an entrepreneur, you better have one ready). So, have market research completed, make a realistic financial strategy, and start your new business chapter step by step. Treat it as an investment worthy of your time, patience, and money, that will pay off big time.

Consider top entrepreneur-friendly cities in Massachusetts

What makes Massachusetts stand out is the dense concentration of emerging start-ups. Furthermore, Massachusetts has one of the best success rates (nearly 60%) of startups that surpass the unofficial 5-years trial period. In general, the entire country is great for starting or expanding a business.

Business associates giving you advice on expanding your business to Massachusetts
Do the market research in Massachusetts before you decide where to hunt for a new workspace


A business-friendly environment and plenty of resources for entrepreneurs are why Manchester is popular among young professionals. Plus, the marketplace is quite diverse. The real estate market is a tad bit cheaper than the national average, and the overall economy is strong enough. If your industry is in-demand, then moving your business to Manchester MA is the right thing to do. Once you get everything ready, decide the final date of relocation and search for movers Manchester MA locals find trustworthy.


You’ll be surprised to know that even suburban towns in Massachusetts have a business-friendly environment. Boxford is exactly the kind of small city where you can see your business thrive (if your market research proves so). And the best thing is – it’s not far from Boston, the business epicenter of Massachusetts! Lots of young professionals working remotely prefer living in a comfy and relaxed Boxford and travel to Boston only when they have to. If this is what you’re looking for, check the movers Boxford MA has in store for you!


Another business-friendly city to consider is Andover. This culturally infused place is one of the Massachusetts gems that are just about to be fully discovered. Because of the omnipresent appreciation of fine arts, and wine and dine culture, it’s not a surprise that movers Andover MA locals highly praise are often busy. So, if you’re eager to open an office/studio in such a fine place, start looking for the best location.

Jobs in tech also thrive in the city of Andover. Its tech scene grows steadily, with top employers like Phillips and Aras – a startup with over 120 domestic employees. The longevity of startup companies like Aras proves Andover’s entrepreneurial potential that is yet to be fully utilized.


Innovation and creativity are what Gloucester is all about. In addition, it boasts over 15 top employers. For these reasons, hiring some of the best movers Gloucester MA has might be a start of a new, more successful business chapter.

smiling girl in a yellow turtleneck presenting ideas for expanding your business to Massachusetts
Many places in Massachusetts are startup-friendly


Once a city with a high unemployment rate, Salisbury is now a reputable and thriving business-friendly city. Depending on your field of expertise, expanding to this fast-developing city can be a good business move. In case you choose it for your next business hotspot, movers Salisbury MA residents find the most professional are there to make relocation of your business safe and smooth.

Its currently most prominent industries are:

  • Healthcare
  • Trade
  • Technical services
  • IT 


There are many reasons why you should start looking for moving companies Amesbury MA locals speak highly of. First, you’re not so far from amazing beaches by living there. Second, you’re close to Boston. Third, real estate is cheaper compared with the national average. That being said, it wouldn’t cost a lot to rent new business space. Although small, the community is welcoming and helpful.

Level up your online presence

Come up with a brand-new online strategy that will help your business grow. Educate about new methods and tools that draw online traffic to your website. Upgrade your website and add more relevant content. When a client wants your services, you need a top-notch website that contains well-presented information.

Up your SEO game

Online visibility is essential to any successful business. Does your SEO strategy need an upgrade? Are you familiar with regular tweaks in the algorithm? All these aspects are important to consider. So, inquire about the novelties and SEO tools you should implement. Make quality and algorithm-friendly content.

SEO cubes
Expanding your business to Massachusetts also requires you to boost your company’s online presence

Social media exposure matters too

Don’t ignore social media pages. Have them updated with announcements and content. If necessary, hire a skilled social media manager who can do impeccable work. Nowadays, if you don’t have a strong online presence, your business is likely to get lost among the ever-changing algorithms.

Improve your website’s design and get the content in order

Every website could use a re-design once in a while. If you’re keeping up with the current web design trends – great job! The appearance of your website is certainly the tip of the iceberg. However, it’s what your potential client sees first. So, opt for more clean and minimalistic aesthetics, followed by appropriate color schemes. Re-design it in a way that invites the customer to learn more about your services. Modern customers love interactive websites that are easy to navigate.

Plan your move

You’ve got all set except for one thing – relocation. This is the last stage of your business expansion process you also have to plan step by step. Since you’re relocating your business, commercial moving services are your best option. They are provided by specialized commercial relocation specialists. They will take care of your entire office inventory and properly pack everything – from chairs to electronic equipment.

moving company van
Choose corporate movers you can rely on.

Do your best to find commercial movers you can trust. Relocation isn’t a joke, and it’s in your best interest to have everything transported in one piece. Therefore, sit with your team and find a moving company that suits your estimated budget. Also, ensure they provide spacious, pest-free commercial storage units.  Lastly, refer to the ratings and reviews to learn more about the overall customer experience.

What if you have to put your business on hold?

Oftentimes, business expansions mean you have to stop your business for a while, especially if you’re relocating to Massachusetts from another state. It proves to be a less stressful option since all you will have to think of is setting up your new workplace and relocating there. Ask yourself the following question: Can I afford to have my business on hold until I complete my new workspace? If the answer is positive – great! On the other hand, postpone the whole thing until you’re completely sure it’s a safe move to make.

This is yet another thing you have to plan through. You can only allow a certain period of time during which your business will be shut down. So, decide the duration of a shut-down period. Next, book professional movers available at the time that suits you best. Ensure everything goes in accordance with your budget plan. And finally, make an official announcement and post it on your social media platforms, the website included.

Give your new business venture time to develop

Keep in mind that expanding your business to Massachusetts will take time. Gaining new clients and exposure is a process, which is why patience and discipline are the most important assets during the initial period. The quality of your services (helped with smart marketing strategies) will speak for itself and attract more and more customers. So, be patient and give your new venture time to grow.