Everything you need to know about moving from Deerfield NH to Boxford MA

Moving to another state is an exciting but also complex process. One of the most difficult parts is choosing where to move. If you plan on moving from Deerfield NH to Boxford MA, you need to know what to expect after the move to settle in with ease. Both are small towns, so you don’t have to worry about going through a major shock in the way of life compared to what you’re used to in Deerfield. Hire Preferred Movers NH and have a stress-free relocation experience. Reducing stress as much as possible is crucial when it comes to interstate moves. Take a look at some of the differences you can expect after your relocation to Boxford!

Moving from Deerfield NH to Boxford MA – what to expect

When you move from one place to another, it’s expected that you’ll experience differences. It takes time to get used to living in an unfamiliar town, but the process will be much shorter if you know what to expect. While both Deerfield and Boxford are small towns, there are some differences between them. The main ones you’ll notice after moving here with movers Deerfield NH are:

  • higher cost of living
  • a great job market
  • slightly more people
  • low crime rates
  • all the residents own their homes

Living in Boxford is more expensive than Deerfield

Although the cost of living in Deerfield is above the national average, the cost of living in Boxford is significantly higher. While the cost of living in Deerfield is around 17% higher than the US average, living in Boxford is a whopping 70% more expensive than the national average. Such drastic changes in prices of utilities, groceries, healthcare, and everything else can make an impact on your household budget if you’re not prepared and don’t expect them. However, hiring state to state movers and moving to Boxford is not a bad decision at all. This town has plenty to offer regardless of the high cost of living.

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Moving from Deerfield NH to Boxford MA might be hard on your budget because of the cost of living differences

The unemployment rates are slightly higher in Boxford but the job market is excellent

The job market in Boxford is very appealing, which is why many young professionals flock to this area. Although the median income and employment opportunities are good in Deerfield as well, moving to Boxford will bring you some options you can’t say no to. Home to 8,203 residents, Boxford offers a pretty good standard of living and great life quality. The median household income in this small town is enviable, $135,662. That is 145% higher than the US average. It’s clear that the jobs you can find in Boxford pay very well. Granted, the unemployment rates in Boxford are 6% while in Deerfield they are at a measly 2.3%.

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Moving to Boxford will give you some great job options

Both Deerfield and Boxford are small, peaceful towns

If you enjoy the peacefulness that living in Deerfield offers, you will not be disappointed after moving to Boxford. Even movers Boxford has can confirm just how quiet and quaint this town is. Although it’s more populous than Deerfield, in Boxford you’ll basically never experience noise, crowds, or traffic jams. In comparison, Deerfield has a population of 4,509 while 8,203 persons live in Boxford. As you can see, the difference in population is not big, and both places have a rural feel. Granted, neither town has numerous parks and shops. However, the schools in both Deerfield and Boxford are excellent, and both towns have several options you can choose from. And having good schools your children can attend is one of the most important factors when deciding where to move to!

The crime rates are extremely low in Boxford

Safety is a major concern for over 50% of Americans nowadays. However, the residents of Deerfield and Boxford have no such issues. Deerfield is extremely safe with crime rates significantly lower than the national average. In fact, there are no violent crimes in this area whatsoever, and the only registered criminal activities are burglary and theft. Those are also very rare. The situation is similar in Boxford, so you don’t have to worry about encountering a huge crime wave after moving here. The town of Boxford is one of the safest places in Massachusetts, with crime rates 89% lower than the national average. You can move here peacefully, knowing your children will have a safe place to grow up in.

There are no houses or apartments for rent in Boxford

One of the most interesting facts about Boxford is that there are hardly any places for rent, so there is no data about average rent prices. The homeownership rate in Boxford is 100%, which is very rare in the United States. Since virtually all residents own their homes, you will not have to meet new neighbors every few months. The neighborhoods in this charming town have a welcoming, close-knit communities. You will be amazed at how warm and friendly the residents are. And since everyone knows everyone here, you will have no trouble settling in after moving from Deerfield NH to Boxford MA.

Most residents in Boxford own their homes

Book moving services and move from Deerfield to Boxford with ease

State-to-state relocations tend to be very stressful and physically draining. The reason is that you’re moving from a familiar place to a whole different state with different laws and regulations. We hope we made moving from Deerfield NH to Boxford MA easier for you by stating some of the most obvious differences you’ll be able to feel right away. Make sure you hire reliable movers and you will make your upcoming interstate relocation much easier and smoother. With an experienced moving team by your side, moving to another state will be a breeze!