Essential tips for moving a piano safely

Moving bulky and heavy objects requires a lot of thought and attention. For instance, some of these are your kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, and if you own one, a piano. In order to stay safe during transport to your new home, they need to be properly wrapped and prepared for the move. Moving a piano safely isn’t that hard – if you follow our essential tips, that is. Take a look at what our movers Atkinson NH have to tell you about securely relocating your beloved instrument!

grand piano
Moving a piano like this may seem daunting and intimidating. However, with a few simple tricks, it can be easy and simple!

Things to do before moving a piano safely

First things first, one of the aspects you mustn’t forget before relocating your piano is giving it proper pre-move care. Clean it with adequate solutions and tune it before you load it onto the moving truck. Also, before you even begin wrapping it for transport, you should do one thing. Remove the pedals and any other small parts that can be damaged or break during the moving process. You can always put them back together after the piano is safely relocated to your new home.

Secondly, consider hiring a professional team to pack it and move it to your desired location. Even though you might think you can DIY all aspects of your move, sometimes it is better to ask for help before making too many mistakes along the way. Many movers Somersworth NH will gladly help you with this part of the relocation because they have been through it before. Moving companies that have been in this business for years have learned what it takes to go about moving a piano safely! It may not even cost more than it would to move it yourself. You would have to get all the necessary equipment and someone to help you carry it. The movers have it all – both the equipment and the helping hands!

piano with music sheets
Before you even start carrying your piano, you need to properly wrap and prepare it for the move.

Properly wrap it before loading it onto the truck

Most people opt for using moving blankets and securing them with strong tape. If you hired a moving crew to assist you, they will do the necessary steps to prepare your piano for the relocation. Keep in mind that you need to ensure your keyboard cover stays locked and that it can’t open along the way. Heavy-duty straps are the best solution in this situation. Wrapping your piano tightly will not only protect the piano itself but also the walls and floors of the house you are moving it into. You can’t scratch anything if the piano is tightly wrapped with blankets.

woman with back pain
Carrying heavy objects without the proper equipment can lead to serious back and shoulder injuries.

Finally, you need to keep in mind your own safety when moving a piano safely. It’s not a good idea to carry it on your own – get a moving dolly and keep it upright. This will make it easier to transport from your old house to the truck and from the truck to the new house. Also, it will make sure you don’t get injuries along the way!