Essential questions to ask your NH movers

Moving comes with many uncertainties and questions. When should you move? Should you do it yourself or get help? As you answer one question, you will see new ones popping up. If you have done it before, you know how things go. But if it is your first move, you will get confused at some point. That’s where movers in NH come into play. They are professionals, and they know everything move related. But what exactly are you supposed to ask them before you make a deal? These are the most important questions to ask your NH movers.

What are some of the most important questions to ask your NH movers?

Whatever it is that you want to know, you should do it before you sign anything. Movers Nashua NH won’t mind answering your questions afterward either, but it is better to be informed about everything from the start. Some of the questions to ask your NH movers are:

  • How they charge for the services
  • If they can handle specialty items
  • If there is anything that they won’t move
a person making a list of questions to ask your NH movers
Ask the questions you have in the beginning

How the prices are formed

Every moving company has a certain way of forming their prices. Local movers, like some movers Hollis, mostly charge by the hour that their employees work, while long-distance movers charge by the distance and weight of your load. Normally, some movers will be more expensive than others, but the price fluctuations shouldn’t be too big. If you find suspiciously low quotes, it should be understood as a red flag.

Specialty items

If you have any items like a piano, pool table, or art, you should ask movers Portsmouth NH if they can handle it. These types of items need special care, so the movers go through special training to be able to help you with these items. If you have an item like this, don’t wait until the last moment to mention this, do it right from the start. High-quality, reputable movers that have been on the market for a long time, usually offer this kind of service, for an extra charge, which is to be expected.

Items that movers won’t move

As you might know, there are certain items that movers won’t move. This list is mostly the same, including hazardous items, perishables, and living beings like pets and plants. It’s not that your movers don’t want to help you, they have certain rules that they need to follow. If you have some of these items, you should either try to get rid of them or transport them in your vehicle, the decision is yours.

Picture of a cat in a crate
Some of the questions to ask your NH movers are what items they won’t move


When thinking about the questions to ask your NH movers, make a list. You will likely think of something to ask movers Amherst, but if you don’t write it down, you might forget it. For that reason, it is best to write it down as soon as you think of it since it is probably important. We wish you good luck with your move!