Eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items for storage in NH

We all try to be more eco-friendly these days. Although it’s not so easy, especially when you are moving. Moving is an intricate process, and thinking about eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items sounds even more complex. But there are really simple ways to be greener without sacrificing efficiency and quality, at the same time. Your movers in NH will surely provide you with quality packing materials if you use their packing service. But if you are packing delicate items for storage, you can be more eco-friendly without too much trouble.

Eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items – sustainable packaging

Today we have a diversity of sustainable packaging materials, it is just a matter of how much you care to be environmentally friendly. It is also important to choose the right kind of material to pack your delicate items. There are eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items with minimum risk of damage. When you are preparing your belongings for storage units North Hampton NH, you need to pack them carefully. Whether you are storing items for a short period or long term, they should be safely packed either way. Of course, if you have some sensitive items to heat or humidity, you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit. It is the safest way to keep and preserve your belongings.

Bamboo forest
The eco-friendly package is made from sustainable materials, like bamboo.

Here are some eco-friendly materials that you can use for packing:

  • Bamboo – fiber or hardwood
  • Soybean fabric
  • Corrugated packaging is created from three sheets of paper, one corrugated between the other two. It is renewable because it is made from fast-growing trees. Importantly, it is durable and will keep fragile items safe from damage.
  • Biodegradable packing peanuts – these are made from cornstarch and they are very similar to regular packing peanuts. They are excellent for filling up space when you pack delicate items in a box. They are heavier so it is perfect for a storage unit where the weight makes no difference to the price.
  • Mushroom packaging – this is new eco-friendly packaging and it is similar to foam. Larger companies and manufacturers have started to use them for packing. It is not yet so used as another packaging, but it will be for sure.

Carefully pack delicate items for storage

Having quality packing materials is equally important as the way you’ll pack fragile items. If you aren’t sure how to pack properly, you could always contact your local movers NH and use their packing services. Movers tend to choose quality and durable packing materials, especially because of their experience in this field. So if your budget allows you to, use their packing service and save time to attend to other tasks. If you decide to pack your belongings for storage, make sure that you do it properly. For example, if you have small delicate, and valuable belongings, you should use smaller boxes. It is safer to use a box slightly bigger than the item. There should be a little bit of space, but not too much. Make sure that you fill it with something, so the item inside cannot move around.

person taping a box
Make sure that you secure heavy boxes with additional tape.

Always place heavier items on the bottom of the package. And make sure that you tape the bottom with duct tape. It is an additional step, but a very important one. Use dividers when you have more fragile items, like bottles or glasses.

Reuse old household items for packing

One of the eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items is to re-use some of your old household things. You can use old towels or blankets to wrap items you are packing for storage. This way you are lowering the waste and recycling items at the same time. Before you start to pack, you should shop around your home first. See what else you can use for packing. If you have plastic containers, use them instead of cardboard boxes. They are safe and sturdy. After you finish using them in the storage, you can repurpose them for something else. Also, you can check if you can rent reusable boxes. That is one more way to help the environment. Ask your movers what they offer if you are using a professional packing service in NH.

Old newspapers are always welcomed for wrapping fragile items. Use anything you have from old newspapers, magazines, or paper bags. They are all helpful and eco-friendly. Besides paper, you can use linens, sheets, and clothes. If you don’t care about wrinkling, you can use anything in your home to wrap your delicate belongings. Of course, if you are using storage for the short term, you can use whatever you want. However, if you are storing your belongings for a longer period, be careful that you don’t use something you will need soon.

Person using Eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items
Eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items can also be found around your home

Use free boxes from stores nearby

Another cost-effective and efficient way to pack is to use free boxes from local stores. Since they have products already delivered in boxes, you could ask them to save you some of those boxes. Just bear in mind that they often throw them away immediately, so ask in advance. Or you could start preparing and collecting boxes a few days or a week before you start to pack for move or storage.

Whatever packing material you choose, it is important to know that it is not so difficult to be environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly ways to pack delicate items don’t have to be expensive. You just need to plan a little more than usual, but it is worth it if you want to be more conscious about our environment and planet. And while you are saving the planet, be careful how you will pack and save your delicate items.