Eco-friendly moving solutions

Environmentally-friendly solutions are appearing in every aspect of our daily life. Especially in the last decade or two.  Since the rise of environmental concerns that is been happening all over the world. And people are all starting to implement those solutions whenever they can. Newbury moving companies, for example, are also starting to apply eco-friendly moving solutions in their businesses.  And if you are relocating, read about the ways to do it while staying green.

If you are looking for Eco-friendly moving solutions, start with removing your excess stuff

One of the first eco-friendly moving solutions is to have less stuff to move. You will need less packing materials and the moving truck will use less fuel to transport your belongings. Plus, you will lower your moving price. And, depending on what you do with your stuff, you could earn some money or help someone in need. So, besides those eco-friendly benefits, there are financial ones as well.

cluttered home
Reduce your moving inventory, it is one of the first eco-friendly moving solutions that you should apply

So, go through your whole house and search for duplicate items, items that you do not need, do not use, or you want to replace with new. Also, try to get rid of large furniture pieces, as they are really heavy. If you need to remove large furniture pieces from your home, call moving companies NH to help you. They have all the equipment and manpower to move just about anything.

Put your excess items to good use

Whenever and however you find a use for an item it can be considered as an eco-friendly solution. And there are several ways to do so with your excess stuff. Here are your options:

  • Recycling your old stuff is one of the most obvious eco-friendly solutions. If you have items made from recyclable materials and they are not usable anymore, find the closest recycling center and do a good deed for your environment.
  • Organize a yard sale or use one of the online services to sell your items. Of course, you will need some time to organize and advertise your sale. But if you can manage it, it can be an eco-friendly and financially-friendly solution for you.
  • Donate your items to charity is a good way to find a good use for your excess items. If you have books, for example, donate them to your local school library. You can also donate your old clothes.
  • Give away your old items to friends or family is the easiest way to get rid of your unwanted items. But there probably won’t be any financial benefits in doing so.

Hire professional packers, it is one of the best eco-friendly moving solutions

The best and most environmentally-friendly moving solution is to hire packing and unpacking services. They are professionals that will use as few packing materials as possible but still pack your items safely. And you won’t have to deal with all the mess that stays after packing and unpacking. If you are looking for reliable professionals hire packing services NH. They will make your move stress-free and eco-friendly at the same time.

If you are packing on your own, rent reusable plastic bins

Cardboard boxes are recyclable, and good eco-friendly moving solution. But there is a much better solution in this case. And that is to rent plastic moving bins. Even though, on a first glance plastic doesn’t fit with eco-friendly in the same sentence. Renting plastic moving bins is one of the most sustainable moving solutions. Plastic moving bins are reusable, and could potentially last for many years. And if they break, they are easily recyclable.

Plastic moving bin as one of the Eco-friendly moving solutions
Rent plastic moving bins instead of cardboard boxes

Besides, you will not have to deal with cleaning bits and pieces that you will have after using cardboard boxes. You will not have to disassemble them. And the company from which you rented them will come to pick them up as soon as you are finished.

Cardboard boxes can also be one of the eco-friendly moving solutions

If you find that renting plastic moving bins is a bit expensive, you can turn back to cardboard boxes. But if you want to be friendly to the environment, find used boxes. You can usually find them at your local grocery store or local library. Boxes that are made for carrying heavy merchandise will be perfect for your move. They will be free of charge, and you will put them to one last use before they head up to the recycling center.

Forget about plastic wraps

Wrapping materials are something that you should avoid if you are looking for eco-friendly moving solutions. Bubble plastic, stretch wrap, different kinds of plastic sheeting, packing paper. They are really difficult to reuse and to recycle. And even though they look important for your packing process, it is not the case. If you decided to get rid of your old clothes, before donating or selling them, save the worst pieces for wrapping and padding during packing. Rip your old clothes into smaller rags and you can use those to protect your fragile items during transportation.

Plastic wrap
Plastic wraps are not eco-friendly

Packing hacks

Look around you. There are items in your home that could be used instead of boxes. Use your travel bags, suitcases, fill your pots, drawers, and anything that you find appropriate. This will help you to lower the number of boxes that you will require for your move.

Packing tightly is one of the most important eco-friendly moving solutions

One of the things you can do to help you to stay eco-friendly during a move is to pack smart. As mentioned above, this involves getting rid of your excess stuff and packing as tight as possible. One of the goals of packing smart is to fit your moving inventory into one moving truck.  Fuels consumption is one of the main causes for Earth pollution. So you want to, use as little fuel possible to move your belongings. Movers North Hampton NH are experts in this field. And if you hire them for your relocation, your move will be easy and eco-friendly.