DIY moving – the pros and cons

With the relocation approaching, you will have a lot of decisions to make. Whether to move to another city or state, what time of the move suits you best, and whether you should hire expert local movers NH or handle the move on your own are just some of the most common dilemmas. Here, we will address the latter. Namely, whether DIY moving is something you should try your luck with. With the pros and cons shared unambiguously, you ought to be able to make the soundest decision when it comes to your situation. So, let’s get straight to it.

We will first start with the pros of DIY moving. As hiring a moving company is the opposite of this decision, we will use it for comparison rather often. With this little disclaimer, we can officially begin.

A pro and a contra basket
There are both pros and cons to DIY moving, both of which we will discuss in the following few lines.

The pros of DIY moving

It all comes down to being your own boss. Of course, we will elaborate a bit further. Being able to coordinate your own relocation, and handle every single bit of it gives you the freedom to organize your time as you wish. While a moving company works on a schedule, when moving on your won, you can decide to pack in the middle of the night, if it so suits you. You are not tied to anyone’s timeline and can thus act as you desire.

Not having the contract to oblige to, you can pack your bags tomorrow and move, or do so in a week, without any consequences. You are the sole master of your time and can make decisions freely. This means not having to notify anyone of any sudden changes in the initial plan.

Finances of moving by yourself

Another good thing about moving on your own is the financial aspect. Of course, this can backfire if you are not smart with your resources and time. However, a bit of clever and timely planning can get you a long way. The biggest expenditure when it comes to relocation is the moving company. So, you can avoid this by making up for the services they offer. You need time, a bit of creativity and some luck. You need to start collecting moving boxes and other packing materials early. In addition, you should pack slowly, yet with enough time ahead of you. This kind of approach can give you ample time to decide what you want to bring to your new home.

A man looking at his watch
With enough time and proper planning, a DIY move can be easily handled.

One great thing you will not have to worry about is coming across fraudulent movers. Although not the most common occurrence, they are out there. While signs can be spotted, it is one more thing you need to be worried about, and no one needs more stress during relocation.

The cons of DIY moving

While hiring a professional and reliable moving company can cost a bit of money, it does have a tone of benefits. For starters, you won’t have to worry about any moving task. The biggest one being packing. It is the most arduous and time-consuming part of every relocation. And, it can be especially hard to pull off correctly if you are short on time. This is where a moving company really makes a difference. Like a knight on a shining armor, an experienced moving team will be able to pack your whole household in record time. In addition, they will use quality packing materials and professional packing techniques that are simply out of your reach. Both of these ensure safety not many common folks can guarantee.

Why might you prefer hiring movers?

Having to move on your own can be pretty tricky if you have any particularly special item to transport. This includes objects that are rather bulky, fragile or both. And you certainly don’t want to risk damaging your pool table just to save some money on pool table movers NH. When it comes to these kinds of possesions, professional and experienced movers will always be a better choice.

A moving company will also spare you the hassle of having to drive to your next location. Whilst moving down the block is simple, any long travels can be tiresome. It can take days to reach your new home, all to be welcomed by the task of unpacking. However, with movers taking care of all this, yours will be only to pick out an outfit for the moving day and welcome the relocation team.

If your DIY moving consists of having friends and family to help, you can regard it as a two-edged sword. While it is a cheaper option, it by no means guarantees the safety of your belongings, nor the swiftness of action. Undoubtedly, you will have at least one person there who is truly willing to help and put their efforts in. However, it is also probable that you have some individuals there who enjoy the big crowd and eagerly wait for the pizza afterward. Choosing people who diligent, effective and really interested in getting the job done is not as simple as it may seem. Hiring a moving company will spare you all of this.

Eight slices of pizza
While you can have people who are eager to help, others might just be sticking around for the treat afterward.

What to conclude?

This decision is solely up to you. As you can see, DIY moving has a lot of good sides worth considering. However, if you are short on time, nerves, and energy, spending a little extra on quality movers just might be the better option. Still, if you have plenty of time, ideas, and hard-working people surrounding you, DIY relocation can suit you better. There can hardly be a right or wrong answer. It is for the one who is moving to decide which suits them best. So, whatever you opt for in the end, we wish you happy travels!