Different types of packing materials and their use

How daunting do you think relocating is? Do you get the jitters whenever you think of it? To begin with, how are you going to deal with packing materials? It’s safe to say you do need to know a thing or two about it. First of all, you need to sort the items when you want to pull up stakes. It does make sense, doesn’t it? Second of all, you should know buying them is not the only viable solution. You can as well reuse packing materials a bookstore or a restaurant nearby is done with. If this is not your cup of tea, hire long distance movers New Hampshire just to be on the safe side. Be that as it may, bear in mind there are various types of packing materials such as:

What types of packing materials are you familiar with?
When moving you need a plethora of types of packing materials

Packing boxes

Packing boxes will come to your mind the moment you start thinking about moving locally. They are beyond useful because they are excellent for moving your belongings. Cardboard boxes are sturdy enough to put your

  • small household appliances
  • books
  • kitchenware
  • delicate objects
  • kids’ toys

without rupturing.  If they do rupture, it will cause nasty moving injuries. Consequently, they are the cornerstone of moving safety, aren’t they? Besides, you can put a lot of different types of belongings there. By and large, they will remain intact when transported. Just make sure to insert enough packing peanuts. Why? Well, to protect them in case of a collision or a minor bump in the road.

Another advantage of packing boxes is your children can have so much fun. The kids can draw on them. Moreover, they can use them as their own fortress or a puppy house.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most useful types of packing materials. People use it as a protective shield for their delicate items. Namely, smaller pieces of electronics, glassware, crystal, fine art items, etc. Bubble wrap provides greater protection for items easy to break, scratch or get otherwise damaged. It’s a soft layer ensuring your belongings remain intact.

Additionally, they can be interesting for kids because of the popping sound they make when pressure is applied. Many kids find that amusing and it captures their attention. So, you can use bubble wrap to entertain the kiddos while you’re checking professional moving companies NH online. You can never be too careful, can you? Needless to say, you have to know who you’re doing business with to avoid potential problems. Have you heard of moving hoax?

Bubblewrap being one of the most common types of packing materials
Bubble wrap is one of many types of packing materials you can benefit from using

Moving blankets

Furniture relocating is one of the hardest moving tasks, isn’t it? Pieces of furniture require special care. It means you have to handle them with the utmost caution. To begin with, you need to disassemble them properly. That’s not exactly as easy as the ABC.

Next, you need to protect them adequately when being transported. Using moving blankets is your best bet. They are long and thick to cover your bunk bed frames or the wardrobe without its parts, of course. Similarly, use them to relocate the pool table. By the same token, you can use them to cover your chairs, desks, and tables. The stakes are higher if you’re in possession of invaluable antique pieces. Most of the time, to have them packed is one of the professional packing services.

The only catch is to opt for the waterproof ones in case of rain.


Styrofoam is a bit underestimated when it comes to different types of packing materials. It’s because the bubble wrap has been used more frequently. However, styrofoam can do the trick when you need to move larger household appliances. Think in terms of a fridge, chest freezer, vacuum cleaner, TV, and coker. Actually, there is no better way to move a piano than using styrofoam for its integral part. Moving these using plastics or bubble wrap is inconvenient to say at least.

The best case scenario is you’ve kept the original packagings of these items. Odds are they contain the styrofoam that fits the shape of these belongings perfectly because they were designed to match them. Go the extra mile and cover the appliances you had previously put in their styrofoam frames with a moving blanket. They’re now good to go.

Among many types of packing materials, people tend to use the styrofoam very much
Styrofoam is one of the most useful types of packing materials when relocating

Plastic bins

Plastic bins can also come in handy when relocating. They are light, useful and affordable. One of their most important characteristics is they are transparent so you can see what’s inside. This is immensely helpful when unpacking. This quality saves you time and nerves. You can put items such as summer clothes, underwear, toiletries inside. They come in handy if you need to keep them in a garage or storage. The thing is the moisture, heat, and bugs can’t harm them. As a consequence, your belongings are safe for as long as you want.

The disadvantage of plastic bins is you can’t recycle them without going through a great length. Correspondingly, if you want to carry out an eco-friendly move, plastic bins are not the best solution there is. It’s better to opt for the containers which you can recycle.


To relocate is, in fact, a big deal. After all, you’re leaving for greener pastures. It’s hardly a piece of cake. Moving is time-consuming and nerve-racking because you have to go through its ins and outs countless times. Negotiating with various movers, taking the calendar, moving and business season peak, weather conditions and budget into account makes you a bundle of nerves actionac.net. On top of it, you have to ponder several kinds of packing materials. Cardboard boxes, for example. Similarly, you have to keep styrofoam, bubble wrap, moving blankets and plastic bins in mind at all times. Waging the pros and cons of each and every one of them is stressful. However, you simply have to get it over with find here painters dublin in nerby. So, you might as well get started. The sooner you begin, the sooner it’s going to be over. So, chop-chop!