Cross-country moving checklist

For a successful interstate move, the first thing you will need is a cross country moving checklist. It will help you organize, pack and move your items with success. Your moving checklist should include all the steps from start to finish. From planning, packing, labeling to loading into moving truck, unloading, unpacking and storing away. You should include the steps a weeks before and during the move.

Cross country moving checklist

Pick the moving date

First and most important – pick the moving date! You need to know when it is the best time to make a relocation. You should avoid moving during the peak season if you are trying to save some money. It Is better to choose a moving date that is in the off-peak season. We suggest you move during the fall and winter, to avoid summer, holidays and weekends. To save some money, make a move in the middle of the week and the middle of the month.

First and most important step on your cross country moving checklist– pick the moving date!

Toss or Sell Items you won’t use

The less you bring with you, the less you will pay and the less energy you will lose. Decluttering your home is the step that needs to be on your cross country moving checklist. Get rid of the items you won’t use anymore, and your packing process will be easier. Think about arranging a yard sale to sell all the clutter from your home. When your home is decluttered your packing process will be less stressful and much more comfortable.

Use your old clothes and towels to pack, wrap and protect

To make a successful interstate move, you need to pack your belongings properly. Especially when it comes to packing the fragile and valuable items you need to careful. Use your old towels, clothing, blankets, and socks to pack your glasses and other fragile items. Use your clothing as a significant cushion in cardboard boxes. Make sure to protect each fragile piece you want to relocate.

Scissors and packing tape
To make a successful interstate move, you need to pack your belongings properly.

Pack and label your moving boxes room by room

When you start packing your home for relocation, make sure to pack room by room with the same care. Be methodical if you want to avoid chaos and clutter in every room. So, clean room by room to leave each one ready and clean for the move. Use cardboard boxes or plastic boxes to pack all items and then label each box properly to avoid damages and crushes. Make sure all your things are properly packed and sorted. Your valuable items such as jewelry make sure to bring with you, not to pack it inside the moving truck. Your valuable and sentimental items should always be with you.

Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes. Professional packers and movers that you can find in moving companies NH are the best help you can get during your packing process. Nobody knows better how to pack and protect your items than professionals trained and skilled to do it.

Pack an essential box

A day before your cross-country move you should pack your essential moving box. This box should contain everything you need for the first days and nights during and after your move. If you have children make sure that you include their necessary items into essentials box. Usually, this box should include:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Canned food and water
  • Phone and laptop charger
  • Important files and documents
essentials box
A day before your cross-country move you should pack your essential moving box that should include all the necessary items for first days in your new home.

Change your address a week before you move

Don’t worry about changing your address on time. When you do it on time, and properly, your bills and credit card statements, packages and other relevant documents can arrive on your new address on time, without delays and problems.

Contact the utility companies

Make sure to contact utility company 60 days before moving with the disconnect date. Contact all you providers such as water, telephone, gas, landscaping, and security.

Hire moving company

This task from your cross country is moving checklist you should complete at least 60 days before the moving date. Our suggestion is to compare different moving companies and their quotes and services to pick the one that is your perfect fit. Make sure to hire licensed, insured and highly trained long distance movers New Hampshire. Give yourself a time to explore all the possibilities and to make proper research on moving companies. Contact moving companies to get more information about the details of your move.

Make hotel reservations

Your cross country moving checklist should also include temporary housing or hotel reservations. Make sure to find and secure hotel accommodations at convenient locations on the way to your new home.

Make calls to schools

This task is important for those who have school-aged children. Make sure to find a good school for your children on time. Also, Call your old school to notify teachers about the move. Gather all the necessary documents for the new school.

Your cross country moving checklist should also include all financial costs your move involves

Tasks you should do on Moving day

Schedule your moving company for the early morning so you can have time to do all other tasks from your cross country moving checklist. Interstate move requires a lot of time and energy. There are a few things you should remember to do on moving day:

  • Load the car with luggage and foodstuff.
  • Don’t forget about your essentials box
  • Make sure to have enough cash
  • Bring chargers for cell phones and plenty of music
  • Bring your kids’ favorite toys
  • Turn off all light switches and water faucets
  • Turn on your GPS and hit the road.