Complications with moving with friends

If you are living with a friend, and the time to move has come, you and your friend will have to cooperate closely if you want to move without any difficulties. At first, moving with friends may sound like a wonderful idea. You will be browsing moving companies NH, go shopping for moving supplies, pack, and do many more wonderful things together. However, even though it sounds easier and more fun compared to moving alone, moving with friends can bring some unexpected complications. Especially if you and your friends are not profusely responsible persons who are willing to compromise.

Communicate frequently when moving with friends

When moving with friends, the most important part is communication. You need to communicate openly if you want to continue to live together. This may sound too exaggerated, but it is certainly not. Moving is a very important event in every person’s life, and emotions are intensified. Therefore, even the smallest disputes can easily escalate into big arguments from which there is no coming back. That is why it is important to sit down with your friend and communicate about everything before you start doing anything related to your relocation.

Mocing with friends and choosing a new home
The hardest part of moving with friends is choosing a new home

The hardest part of moving with friends is picking the new home

Of course, the first and maybe biggest complications may emerge at the first step of your move. Choosing a new place can sometimes appear to be an impassable obstacle. That complication usually forces friends to separate. If you have too distant requirements, concerning your new home, there is not much you can do. The only thing that can be helpful in this situation is a compromise. If none of you is willing to compromise, then it is probably time to say goodbye. If you are in a situation where you have to live together, because of the shared rent, for example. Then you should all make an effort to make an agreement that will not leave obstacles in your future life together.

Make a moving plan with your friends

Next, make a moving plan. Think about all the steps that you will have to cross during your move, and put them on paper. Make sure that you define a shared budget for your move. Think about the items that you will have to move. Are there any items that will require some special moving services, like moving a piano? Piano movers NH do not come cheap, so that increases your moving expenses. Do you have some items that you would like to leave behind? How will you pack? Who is going to do it? Do you want to pay for packing services? How will you clean your old and new home?

All those, many more questions need answers, so you can create a proper moving plan. If you manage to put it all on paper before you begin your venture, you can expect to avoid any possible complications with your friends.

Woman preparing a plan for moving with friends
Make a proper moving plan

A proper moving plan

  • Deciding which items to move, and which to leave behind is especially important when moving with friends.
  • Getting rid of the excess items can sometimes be very complicated.
  • Making a moving inventory list is important before you start searching for a moving company.
  • Choosing the right moving company and asking for their moving estimate is tricky, so you need to find the way to do it right.
  • Preparing packing supplies means someone will have to go shopping and you will have to split the expenses.
  • Packing your home is hard work; maybe it would be better to hire movers Dover NH and ask for their packing services.
  • Unpacking services are also available, think about hiring them, too.
  • Cleaning your old and new home is necessary and it best to do it together.
  • Setting up your new home and arranging your furniture can be a reason for the dispute, make sure that you compromise.

Decide what to move

Deciding which items to move can oftentimes be a reason for a dispute. Maybe your friend would like to pack and some things that you think are not worth moving, and that you consider an unnecessary expense. The solution here is to make an agreement that everyone pays for his or her items. Therefore, if someone wants to move an old and rotten cabinet, he is free to do it and to pay for it.

Friends choosing a moving company
Finding the right moving company is important when moving with friends

Choosing a moving company and deciding about their services when moving with friends

Choosing the right moving company can be rather complicated. There are hundreds of such companies on the internet, and they all look reliable. Therefore, before you decide to hire a moving company for your relocation, you will need to do some digging. Find the company’s reviews and ratings on relevant websites, like or search moving-related forums for information. Find several reliably looking companies and ask for their moving estimates. However, the part that could cause complications is using different moving services NH part. You and your friends will have to decide whether to use the packing and unpacking services or not. And before you go into dispute, learn about the pros and cons of using those services and it will certainly help you to make a compromise.

Furniture arrangement

Setting up your new home and making furniture arrangements can often be a reason for a roommate dispute. Of course, everyone has their own wishes, so you will have to meet somewhere in the middle if you want to make a compromise. But, when the furniture arrangement is concerned, it would be best if you hire a professional interior designer if you can’t make an agreement. That way everyone will be satisfied for sure.