Common office moving issues to look out for

The moving day of your commercial relocation will come sooner than you think. And you better be prepared for it. Your employees are counting on you to be the beacon of the organization, and you have to be up for that task. With the moving day approaching, the more and more moving tasks are surfacing. There are a few common office moving issues that almost every office relocation brings. By identifying them and using these tips and tricks you can beat them with ease.

The most common office moving issues you may encounter

Proper planning and professional insight can help you prevent the biggest moving problems. These issues aren’t harmless and can cause great chaos and an increase in expenses. That’s why you should try to be ahead of them and to know what to do if they present themselves.

First of all, you have to identify what are the major problems that you may face during your office relocation.

They are:

  • Rushing tasks because you’re lacking the time
  • IT complications and office interruptions
  • Moving injuries

Poor time management

When your line of work comes with many deadlines,  getting things done quickly is the norm. Still, organizing a business relocation is much different than your everyday work. Rushing it will only cause confusion and delays. When you have to rush to finish some moving tasks right before the moving day, that means that you didn’t manage your time properly.

The most basic thing to do in order to avoid common moving issues is to start planning your relocation as soon as possible. When you decide that is the best time to relocate your business, find the new office space and set the moving day, the preparation for relocation begins. Delay it, and then rushing to accomplish many tasks in short notice will create stress and chaos.

Businessman running late - This is the cause of the most common office moving issues.
There’s no need for that if you simply take a page from the early bird’s book.

What are you risking when rushing the moving tasks

  • Bad moving service – When you’re moving an office it makes sense that you’ll be hiring professional assistance. Especially if you’re moving to the other city or country. Still, before you hire long distance movers New Hampshire, you’ll have to research and compare different companies. It will take some time to find the movers that are trustworthy, have a spotless reputation, years of experience, and a quota that perfectly fits your budget. By rushing this process, you can end up with disreputable and incapable movers, at best. The worst case scenario is that you will be fall in the trap of the fraudulent company that can have damaging results to your budget and your business. You should try to avoid moving scams by any cost, and the less time you have to vent your movers, the bigger the risk is.
  • Delays – When you haste your office move, you can overlook some important logistical necessities. Forgetting to gain access to the service entrance or to book the elevator on a moving day can delay the whole relocation process.
  • Improper packing – When you’re moving in a rush, you won’t have time to pack your office properly. That can cause a lot of damages and misplacing the important items. When your packing is out of order, your unpacking will be too. Setting up your new office will be delayed, unnecessarily time-consuming and confusing at best. In the worst case, some of the expensive equipment or items can be broken or lost forever because you haven’t had time to protect and pack them properly.
Broken computer monitor
When you don’t take your time to pack your office properly, that can cost you a lot.

IT complications are very common office moving issues

Depending on the line of work that your company does, you can have office space full of IT equipment. In this day and age, offices are full of computers and following gear.

Even when your IT equipment isn’t extensive, it can still create problems during the relocation. Problems with moving computers, servers, and other IT equipment are very common. Yet, avoidable.

To prevent interruptions to your daily business operations, always back up all of your data. That way, if the equipment suffers damages during transportation, you can access your business files from the other device.

The best way to decrease the risk of IT complication effect your relocation or your business is to hire reliable movers. Not just any movers, but the company that has years of experience in moving the IT equipment. There are many great and professional moving companies NH but focus on those that are specialized for office relocations.

Always have a backup of your business records.

Moving injuries

Moving is dangerous as it is, but office relocation brings an even higher risk of moving injuries. As the employer, it’s your job to make sure that everyone is safe. If someone gets injured during the relocation of your office, you can be down with valuable employees. Or even face the costly lawsuit.

In order to avoid these common moving issues, put the safety first. Before you delegate moving tasks to your employees, educate your staff on how to properly lift heavy objects. Make a demonstration of the proper usage of moving tools and packing supplies.

Prevent tripping hazards by arranging specific areas for garbage, donations, and ready-to-move items. That way, all the moving boxes will be in one place, sorted. Not having moving boxes all around the place can help you prevent moving injuries.

Also, don’t exploit your employees by making them do hard moving tasks. Every employee should be responsible only for packing its own office station. Not for caring it to the moving truck or helping you to move office furniture. While your employees can be valuable in doing the logistic moving task, don’t burden them with heavy lifting. Your employees should do the job that you’re paying them for, and for relocation hire the professional movers. Not only they will make your relocation quick and efficient, but also much safer.