Challenges of moving your business cross country from North Hampton

Sometimes you need to relocate your business across the country to maximize its potential. Changing locations usually presents a few different challenges for your company. However, when you know what those challenges are, and you plan ahead, you may be able to reduce or eliminate possible problems. Sure, corporate relocations aren’t easy. But, knowing that moving your business cross country from North Hampton will probably lead to its success makes it easier to prepare for the move. Our moving experts here at Preferred Moving and Storage came up with a list of the top 7 challenges of moving your business you need to keep in mind.

People sitting in a meeting to discuss moving businees cros country from North Hampton
Schedule a meeting to prepare for the move and set a moving budget.

7 challenges of moving your business cross country from North Hampton

Finding the right moving company

Moving a household can be complicated. Moving an entire business usually is. That is why the first challenge of business relocation is finding the right movers North Hampton NH. A good moving company can simplify your move and make your life easier during this process. Inexperienced movers, however, can make everything worse. Badly executed relocation can have a negative impact on your business. Search for a trustworthy moving company that has plenty of experience with long-distance corporate moves. If you work with a company that has relevant experience, they’ll know precisely how to manage every step of the move.

Setting a realistic budget

Moving a business across the country is impossible to do on a slim budget. Long-distance moves require diligent planning and budgeting. This is what you should include in the moving budget, among other things:

  • expenses according to how large your business is,
  • expenses according to how many employees you’re relocating,
  • the cost for hiring movers for moving your business cross country for North Hampton,
  • the cost of lost productivity.

Be sure to schedule a meeting with your employees to prepare a business plan and set up a budget for the move.

Moving your business cross country from North Hampton can cause productivity losses

Any number of days that your office won’t be functional will cost you money. That’s why you’ll want to plan out your move thoroughly. If your business is only open on weekdays, try to handle the majority of moving tasks on the weekend. Moving long-distance will probably take even more time, but the less downtime your business has, the better. Try to organize the possibility of your employees working remotely as much as possible. If they can complete crucial tasks outside of the office, you’ll be able to continue to serve your clients until your new offices are open. Placing some office inventory in the best storage North Hampton NH has to offer can be helpful while you figure things out.

Moving truck on the road
Try to do as much as you can on the weekends to minimize financial loss.

Employee turnover

Moving from one side of town to another wouldn’t cause a dramatic change when it comes to your employees. However, when you’re moving your business cross country from North Hampton, a big change in your staff is highly likely. Communicate with your employees before you change the location of your business. This will help you plan for what may happen. You need to know who’s staying with your company and moving from North Hampton well in advance. That way you can prepare a list of positions that will have to be filled once you move and maybe even start the initial phase of recruiting.

Communicating with your clients, investors, and suppliers

It is very easy to get so caught up with the relocation that you neglect informing your business network about the move. Notify the principal stakeholders such as investors, customers or suppliers know. That way they can expect possible disruption or delays and understand the cause. In general, you should communicate with your customers before any big change. Don’t hesitate to use multiple forms of communication to reach them. An email may not be opened, so a personal phone call might be more suitable for a big client.

Staying organized while moving your business cross country from North Hampton

You might decide to do some of the packing yourselves. When you’re packing up your office, remember that all of those items have to be unpacked after the move. Make sure to stay organized the entire time. The last thing you want is any of your belongings to be lost when you pack them up. Carefully packed items inside labeled boxes are easy to unpack when you arrive at your new location.

Staying organized isn’t important just when it comes to packing. It’s also about coordinating the relocation. Keeping everyone in the loop is a difficult job. The bigger your business, the harder it will be to coordinate. Therefore, consider hiring a project manager if you can afford it. This way you won’t worry about forgetting to do something in the midst of moving chaos.

Two people high-fiving in an office
Successfully moving your business cross country from North Hampton is all about staying organized.

Finding ways to relax

Work can already be a significant source of stress. Trying to work while planning a long-distance move can increase that stress. It’s essential that you manage your stress efficiently and find ways to relax during the difficult process that is moving. Mistakes happen easily when you are stressed. Working with a moving company experienced with corporate relocations will remove a lot of the stress associated with moving. With that said, there are ways to effectively handle moving stress, which will make the whole process easier and maybe even exciting.

Things to do after moving

Now that you know the biggest challenges of moving your business cross country from North Hampton, it will be easier to manage the move. After you successfully relocate your business, there are a few important things you shouldn’t wait too long to do. First, notify the IRS about your change of address. Then update your business insurance policy. After that, you should proceed to order new letterhead, brochures, and business cards. Also, don’t forget to timely update your company website and email signatures.