Studio/Large Upright Piano Moving Tips

Studio/Large Upright Piano Moving Tips

Just like with spinet pianos, studio or large upright pianos are most common in residential homes and can be a struggle to move. We recommend contacting a professional for piano moves as their weight and unique size can make things difficult.

Spinet Piano Moving Tips

One of the hardest things to move in your home when moving is a piano. These elegant musical instruments sound beautiful but are bulky and heavy, which is a nightmare for most people when thinking about moving. However, we have

Long Distance Moving Experts

Preferred Movers provides a very personal touch when relocating your family long-distance. Its a very stressful time and the little details do matter when being relocated. The long distance drivers Ed and Dave have years of experience in Moving industry

Another Move, Another Happy Customer!

Another professional relocation by Preferred Movers LLC. This moved was brought to us by the number of realtor referrals that we have. We moved a family to their new location with smiles all around. We are proud to keep an