How to prepare furniture for storage

How to prepare furniture for storage

If you are preparing to store your furniture in a storage unit and you have no experience with this matter, it would be smart to get some basic guidelines before you start. Because storing furniture looks like a simple thing.

Reasons against using your garage as storage space

In the shortage of storage space, many people turn to their garages. This might be a good solution at first. As you will have quick access to it, and you do not have to pay for it. But if you

How to protect your storage against floods

While water is the source of life, it is also a great force of destruction. One of the things that can get in its way is your belongings in storage units. As a matter of fact, water is the second-highest

Choosing storage size 101

Choosing the right size of storage units is going to make the difference between whether you’re spending your money wisely or you may be throwing it away. Obviously, storage unit prices are directly dependant on their sizes. Of course, additional

Suburban storage ideas worth trying

When one mentions a storage unit, oftentimes the first thing that comes to mind is relocation. After all, it’s no wonder. Most times, these two go hand in hand together. And, while renting a storage unit during your move can