Suburban storage ideas worth trying

Suburban storage ideas worth trying

When one mentions a storage unit, oftentimes the first thing that comes to mind is relocation. After all, it’s no wonder. Most times, these two go hand in hand together. And, while renting a storage unit during your move can

Organizing a storage unit – pro tips

If you ever find yourself noticing an abundance of items around your home that simply don’t have a proper place, and always seem to get in the way, take it as a good sign that you are in need of

Pros and cons of shared storage units

If you need to store some of the extra items after decluttering, or during the relocation process, having a storage space in both of those situations comes in handy! Storing your items will allow you to get some extra space

How to prepare clothes for storage

In relocations, there are two very broad situations that occur. People may either be moving directly to a new home or renting a storage space for the time between moving out and moving into a new home. In fact, some

Alternate uses for storage units

Have you ever thought about renting a storage unit for some purposes other than storing your excess items? There are many alternate uses for storage units, and it only depends on your needs and creativity. If you need a space