Pros and cons of living in Massachusetts

Pros and cons of living in Massachusetts

Every state is different. A lot of the things people like or dislike about a place are based on personal taste. However, there are some things that you can generally consider as advantages or obstacles when it comes to living

Moving Non Allowable Items – Be Careful What You Pack

Some items may be hazardous to your move! If you are having a moving company transport your belongings, it should provide you with a list of “non-allowables.” This is an industry term for items professional movers will not transport. This

What Not To Pack When Moving Part 2

Continuing from our blog last week on what not to pack in moving trucks, here are more items you should consider. Some of these items may seem like common sense but more often than not, people who decide to pack on

What Not To Pack When Moving Part 1

Whether you are moving locally or out of state, there are going to be items that you will not want to go in the packing truck because they maybe too fragile, you need instant access or are items you would

Warm Weather & Making Deals!

Things are picking up for Preferred Movers, as the weather is getting warmer, salesman Dan shook on an estimate for a move in Hampton, NH. Finishing out a busy day!  

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