3 Advantages To Moving In the Fall

3 Advantages To Moving In the Fall

Most people and families are in a rush to move well before summer ends as they have more time on their hands to actually be apart of the move while also not having to worry about school starting for their kids.

6 Preparation Tips For A Summer Move

The summer is going strong and being the most popular season to move, summer moves are at their peak. Summer is usually the best time to move as families are getting ready to settle into a new home before the new school

How To Safely Pack & Move Your Mirrors This Summer

Moving this summer? Use the beginning of the summer season to pack your belongings as the weather is milder, providing you with more comfortable conditions to sort through your belongings. As the summer goes on, the heat and humidity make it

7 Tips To Make Moving Fun & Comfortable For Kids

Everyone knows that the moving process can be overwhelming for everyone involved. This includes children as they are moving into a new environment, need to meet new people and make new friends which is a big step for them. They

How To Recycle or Reuse Your Moving Boxes

What happens after every move is when everything is finished and unpacked, families are left with an abundance of boxes and no where to put them. Instead of just throwing them out, Preferred Movers LLC has some good ways to