Can one person move a piano?

Pianos are not just another piece of furniture for those who own them. They are probably the most important thing you’ll be moving and the ones you care about and worry about the most. Piano movers NH will tell you a bit more about moving pianos. This complex process needs to be done with extra care as some pianos are over five hundred pounds heavy. If you are thinking about doing this alone, let’s see can one person move a piano?

Is it possible to move a piano alone?

Moving a piano by yourself is not impossible. However, this is not the safest way to have it done for both you and the piano. Your piano could experience damage in the process and you could cause yourself an injury. Doing this could also damage your property. There are plenty of tips online about moving your piano by yourself, but movers in NH advise you to not do it alone. We will tell you why.

Man experiencing back pain after moving a piano alone
Almost all people who try to move their pianos alone end up with severe back pain and other injuries.

The best option is to hire professional movers, of course. But we understand that not everyone can do that in which case you can ask your family or friends to help you. The whole point is to just try to get at least one other person to help so you don’t damage your piano or your property and not injure yourself. If the person helping you is not a professional mover, make sure that they are at least a good problem solver, you’ll need it.

Why is it dangerous to move a piano alone?

As we have already mentioned, there are two main reasons why moving your piano alone is dangerous. There is another reason in case those two were not good enough. Aside from yourself and your piano, you could also damage your property. We will talk a bit more about that in this segment.

Piano damage that is irreparable or extremely expensive

In the best-case scenario where you have no back pain or other injuries to your body, your piano has probably experienced some damage. The least damaging thing that can happen to a piano when moving it is to knock it out of tune. Materials used to make pianos are very fine and specific, it’s very expensive to replace these. If damage is caused to the piano’s inner workings, this can cost far more than hiring professionals to relocate your piano.

Keep in mind that, unfortunately, damage doesn’t happen only when moving your piano alone. This can happen whenever people who are not familiar with the piano’s construction do it. These can also be unskilled and not well-trained movers who will charge you a fortune and still damage your piano. This is the worse that can happen, we know. That’s why our local movers NH are specialized in moving pianos. Hundreds of hours of training on moving pianos have been provided to these movers and the chances of damaging your piano are close to none.

a piano
Pianos can be damaged to the point where they become irreparable or extremely expensive to fix. Remember this before you ask yourself can one person move a piano?

Also, many people own pianos that are unique and expensive or pianos that are family heritage. If one of those pianos is damaged, it’s possible that people fixing modern pianos will not be able to offer help. It’s also possible that needed equipment to fix those kinds of pianos is not around or is insanely expensive. For those reasons, among others, if you’re wondering can one person move a piano – we say not really.

You could end up injuring yourself

Moving heavy pianos requires a lot of twisting and turning. Aside from back pain that is almost a must after this kind of activity, experiencing a severe injury in case of dropping the piano on your limb is not impossible either. If you have children or pets in the house while relocating your piano, you are also risking injuring them. Small creatures such as our pets and children are not going to be in one place. They are fast enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This could result in a very bad injury or a fatal outcome. While you’re asking yourself can one person relocate a piano, also think if it’s worth it?

You could cause damage to your property

Aside from being extremely heavy, pianos also have a very specific shape. Considering stairs and corners, every house has areas that are usually the first to get damaged if people relocating the piano are not professionals. If your piano collides with flooring or walls, this can make it even worse and very expensive to repair. When you hire professional movers such as movers North Hampton NH to move your piano, they will show up with professional equipment that allows them to maneuver moving a piano with zero damage to it or your property.

Person counting money wondering can one person move a piano
If you decide to relocate your piano alone, you might end up spending quite some money on covering the piano or property damage costs.

So, can one person move a piano?

After everything we have mentioned, it’s probably clear to you that moving your piano alone is probably not the best idea. We have mentioned the major reasons (and they mostly include safety and escaping unnecessary extra costs) but there are a few more. We will mention them shortly:

  • Time consuming – Moving your piano alone will take a lot of your time. If you’re not equipped for this, it will take you three times longer to do it alone. You could be doing other important stuff while professionals take care of your piano.
  • Not saving your money – The main reason why you would be doing this alone is in hopes to save money. However, damaging the piano and your property will require way more money to fix than what you would pay the movers.
  • It’s exhausting – Last but not least, this will exhaust and drain you. Your body will feel like there is no energy left in it. Your mind will also be tired from all the worry about doing it right. In the process of moving, this is the last feeling you need.

So, the bottom line when asking yourself can one person move a piano is – to try not to do it. Many professionals can help you do this smoothly for a fair price. This will save you from damaging your piano, your property, or injuring yourself. We recommend you hire piano movers and relax!