Long Distance Moving Experts

Preferred Movers provides a very personal touch when relocating your family long-distance. Its a very stressful time and the little details do matter when being relocated. The long distance drivers Ed and Dave have years of experience in Moving industry

Studio/Large Upright Piano Moving Tips

Just like with spinet pianos, studio or large upright pianos are most common in residential homes and can be a struggle to move. We recommend contacting a professional for piano moves as their weight and unique size can make things difficult.

Spinet Piano Moving Tips

One of the hardest things to move in your home when moving is a piano. These elegant musical instruments sound beautiful but are bulky and heavy, which is a nightmare for most people when thinking about moving. However, we have

Moving Tips For Moving During The Rain

Moving day can be a stressful day with making sure everything goes according to plan. You have everything packed, moving truck ready to go but then the rain hits. Its discouraging but you should not let the rain stop or

April Moves

April showers do not stop us from getting the job done and making sure our clients move on time! We provide the best moving service in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts with full protection of items no matter what the

Moving in the Winter

Fall is in full swing in New England and that means winter is right around the corner. Winter can often be a great time to move. Because the summer months are the busiest in the moving season you can often

Moving Day Essentials

Moving day may be one of the most hectic days of your life. With all of your belongings packed away loaded in a truck and on their way to your new home, there is going to be a few essentials

How to Prepare a Refrigerator for a Move

Moving a refrigerator can be difficult because it is one of the heaviest appliances in your kitchen. It is also large, wide and can be awkward to get through doorways. Here is a guide on moving a fridge safely. With

Tips for Moving with A Toddler

You may have thought that small apartment would be enough room for your new addition to the family but you quickly realized that it’s not!  Who knew a baby could have some much stuff!  If you are looking to move into

What Do I Need to Know About Moving to a Different Country?

Every year, more than 6 million people in the US move to another country accounting to AARO census reports.  People move for a variety of reasons, work, warmer climates, better health care, cheaper cost of living, love or maybe just

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