6 Tips For Moving Overseas

Moving internationally is a big step as you are completely entering an entirely new world outside of your comfort zone. Your first step is to make sure you have everything you will need for your new journey, packed and ready for

4 Ways to Ship Your Car When You Move

We all know that moving is a stressful process in it of itself. When it comes to long-distance moves or international moves it can even get more complicated. If you are thinking of moving a long distance and would not

7 Tips To Make Moving Fun & Comfortable For Kids

Everyone knows that the moving process can be overwhelming for everyone involved. This includes children as they are moving into a new environment, need to meet new people and make new friends which is a big step for them. They

5 Tips To Declutter Your Home Before A Move

Moving is a journey in itself as you are leaving a place you have grown accustomed to and moving into a completely new environment. While all this sounds great, the process of moving itself can become overwhelming and stressful. This

10 Tips For Moving With Pets

We all know and understand how the moving process can be stressful and overwhelming, and Preferred Movers is here to help with every step. The moving process can be stressful for people but can be especially stressful for pets if

Tips On Packing Fragile Items

You made the decision to move to a new home, congratulations! Now the process of getting your belongings together, packing them up and moving these boxes begins. The moving process can be an overwhelming process to some which is why

Another Move, Another Happy Customer!

Another professional relocation by Preferred Movers LLC. This moved was brought to us by the number of realtor referrals that we have. We moved a family to their new location with smiles all around. We are proud to keep an

How To Recycle or Reuse Your Moving Boxes

What happens after every move is when everything is finished and unpacked, families are left with an abundance of boxes and no where to put them. Instead of just throwing them out, Preferred Movers LLC has some good ways to

What Not To Pack When Moving Part 2

Continuing from our blog last week on what not to pack in moving trucks, here are more items you should consider. Some of these items may seem like common sense but more often than not, people who decide to pack on

What Not To Pack When Moving Part 1

Whether you are moving locally or out of state, there are going to be items that you will not want to go in the packing truck because they maybe too fragile, you need instant access or are items you would

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