Moving a Family Out of Rye, NH

Preferred Movers had the pleasure of helping a family move out of their home in Rye, NH. Their beautiful home is located right on the beach! The move went without a hitch and Jon Morrison’s crew did a fine job

The Most Common Moving Mistakes

Moving is already one of the most stressful things you can do. Here are the most common mistakes people make while moving.  Hopefully you’ll take our advice and avoid some of these bad habits! 1. Thinking you can wing it

How to Move Medical Records

There are 50 different things that you need to keep track of when you are moving and one of the most important is making sure you don’t misplace or lose your medical records and medical files/papers! This is usually overlooked

10 Year Anniversary for Preferred Movers!

We recently celebrated Preferred Mover’s 10 year anniversary! Thank you to all the employees and friends that attended the celebration. We also want to thank all our former and current clients and customers! You are the reason we have become

Warm Weather & Making Deals!

Things are picking up for Preferred Movers, as the weather is getting warmer, salesman Dan shook on an estimate for a move in Hampton, NH. Finishing out a busy day!  

Starting Off the Season on a Great Foot!

A great job from Preferred Mover’s VIP team, Elliott, Jon Morrison, Rich, Nick, Allen and Jimmy! This was a 4 day pack and load on a high profile job in Bedford, NH. They got the job done on time and

Meet Our Sales Team: Jason Shorter

Meet Preferred Movers’ new sales rep, Jason Shorter! We want to welcome him to the team.  He is getting some field experience this week and he’s very excited!

A Helpful Guide to Changing Addresses

Are you moving soon? You may have a hundred different things on your mind about packing up all your belongings but don’t forget the other things! You’re address will be changing so you will have to make sure you let

Moving a 1000 lb Freezer in the Snow!

Preferred Movers were recently hired to move a sub zero freezer that was over 1000 pounds for State Street Discount. Despite the numerous amount of stairs and snow, we were able to get the freezer into the basement!  

8 Ways to Trim Moving Company Costs

The average professional household move costs around $12,230, according to a 2010 report by Worldwide ERC, an association that tracks mobility costs. However, this cost is for a full-service professional move, in which the moving company packs up your belongings

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