Best places to retire in New Hampshire

State of New Hampshire is certainly one of the most beautiful US states. Beautiful coastal towns, great beaches, mountains, national parks, lakes, what more can you ask for your retirement days? Of course, some places are better than others. And it is not easy to find a perfect place to settle. That is why Preferred Movers NH have prepared a list of the best places to retire in New Hampshire to help you find the place of your dreams.

List of best places to retire in New Hampshire

It is not so easy to make a list of the best places in New Hampshire. Because there are so many of them, narrowing a list to several names is tricky. And not everyone will agree with it. However, there are certain indicators that tell us that these places are currently the best. So before you call your movers and reserve your storage North Hampton take a look at our list and see if there is anything you like.

  • Berlin
  • Exeter
  • Durham
  • Hampton
A man walking in nature
There are many great places in New Hampshire

If you are looking for a nice and quiet place to spend your retirement days, try Berlin

Berlin is currently the number one place on our New Hampshire’s best places to retire list. This is a small town with around 10,000 residents. The place is beautiful.  So your eyes will certainly enjoy it. And if you want to keep your body in shape you will have loads of biking trails, hiking trails, lakes, parks at your disposal. Call your movers Rye NH as soon as you can because you will not make a mistake if you choose to spend your retirement days in Berlin NH.

Do not overlook Exeter NH

Exeter is another great place on our list. The place has 9,000 residents. Similarly to Berlin, it is full of greenery, parks, rivers, and hiking and biking trails. It is a quiet little town that is becoming a popular destination for retirees. So you will certainly find some company after you move.

Durham NH is a place for students as well as seniors

Even though it is primarily known for the University of New Hampshire, Durham is also a great place to retire. It offers a suburban feel, lots of greenery, hiking trails, parks, and more. If you want to spend your retirement days enjoying beautiful nature, Durham NH is the perfect place for this.

A hiking trail in the woods
Durham is packed with hiking trails

Spend your retirement days by the beach in Hampton NH

If you want to spend your retirement days beside the ocean, Hampton should be your first choice.  It offers attractions like every other coastal town. Great beach, nice weather, fine restaurants, and great scenery. If that is how you imagine your retirement, Hampton is the place where you should move.

There are many more great places to retire in New Hampshire

These are the best places to retire in New Hampshire. Of course, this state hides many more great places. So if you are looking for more secluded places in NH, you should definitely look into it further because NH has a lot to offer.