Best places to live in New Hampshire for singles

If you are single and plan on moving to New Hampshire, you should stop and think. Of course, before you move and hire movers in NH, think of the reasons why you’re moving in the first place. Are you moving because of business? Or perhaps you’re moving because you need a change of scenery? Maybe you want to be more independent, or on the contrary, you are moving closer to family. Or maybe, you’re moving to try your luck and find the love of your life? Whatever the case, living single has its perks, and requirements, too. That’s why we at Preferred Movers have compiled a list of the best places to live in New Hampshire for singles such as yourself. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes and decide which place to move to. Without further ado, let’s see what each place has in store for you.

Moving to Portsmouth is a great choice if you love a small but cozy area

For those who can afford it, Portsmouth is a neat little city to live in. With about 22,000 (21,418 according to the 2020 census) people, it’s a small coastal city with a lot to offer. Half of the people here own their homes, and the other half is renting. The average median home value in Portsmouth is twice the national average: a whopping $456,200, whereas the rent, is $1,353, which is also above average. However, it’s worth the price, as Portsmouth is considered the best place in New Hampshire for young professionals and is the second-best place to live in New Hampshire in general. If you feel like starting your career here, then consider hiring the best movers Portsmouth NH can offer for the job.

woman trying out food
Despite its small size, Portsmouth has a lot to offer

Statistics aside, most of Portsmouth’s locals agree that the town has lots to offer despite its small size. From restaurants and cafes to cultural activities, Portsmouth has it all. The city is well known for The Portsmouth Music Hall. Here, many plays, talks, and other activities take place. Another thing that attracts singles and people, in general, is Prescott Park. During warm weather, Prescott Park is host to all sorts of events such as plays and concerts.

The city also has plenty of history in every nook and cranny, so if that’s something you’re into, it’ll be a dream come true. And last but not least, if you love Winter, you’ll find many a skate rink when it gets colder. You might just find that special someone here, but even if you don’t want to, it’s still just a lovely little place to live in. 

Londonderry made its way on our list of best places in New Hampshire for singles

Despite being a suburb, Londonderry has a great quality of life. It is safe, diverse, and offers plenty of options for entertainment and passing the time. Before we get into that, we should talk about numbers. Before you hire the movers Londonderry NH residents rely on for all of their relocations, keep the following in mind. The median home value in Londonderry is above the national average, around $344,700, and the rent is $1,397.

When it comes to Londonderry’s population size, the 2010 census states it’s around 24,000 while some sources even state that it’s around 26,251. The area is, however, larger than that of Portsmouth, so it has more of a suburban than small-town feel to it. In terms of business, the median household income is a decent $110,810, so consider that before making any big moves!

a suburb in one of the best places to live in New Hampshire for singles
While the cost of living in Londonderry might be high, it makes up for it with how safe and quaint it is

Moving on from numbers and stats, Londonderry is a safe place with a friendly community. Its location is convenient as it’s close to all the bigger cities yet stands on its own. There is one thing that the locals complain about, however: there aren’t that many places to go to. If you want to hang out with friends, you might have to commute a lot depending on where you live. There are good cafes and restaurants, but not many new ones are appearing. If you like clubbing and staying out late, Londonderry is not the place for you, as it lacks nightlife options. Think about your priorities before you decide to move here: do you want a quiet and peaceful life, or do you want to party all night long? Your answer will determine your next move.

If you want to live in Strafford County, check out Dover and Somersworth

With a population of 31,922, a median home value of $274,100, and a median household income of $74,833, Dover earns its spot on our list. In fact, it’s so good that a little more research might just make you hire the best movers Dover NH has ever seen. If you love nature, you can choose to visit the nearby White Mountains or the beach. Perhaps you love history and considering that it was founded in the 18th century, it has a lot to offer in this field. If you just want to hang out and try out something new, Dover can accommodate your needs! Restaurants, breweries, cafes, and a lovely downtown area will make you never want to leave.

woman packing boxes before moving to one of the best places to live in New Hampshire for singles
Before you choose one of the many places to live in New Hampshire for singles, you have to think of what you want

On the other hand, if you’d rather be in a smaller, close-knit community, Somersworth is worth looking into. Everything is close by, easy to reach, and the people like to give each other a helping hand when needed. The population of Somersworth barely goes over 12,000, so it’s not an overstatement when we say it has a dense suburban feeling to it. Young professionals and families are those who often choose to live here, and most people own their homes.

Keep in mind, however, that there are many taxes in Somersworth, and that it’s lacking certain things. It’s located an hour away from Boston, and in terms of nightlife has a couple of night bars. If you decide to move here, the reliable movers Somersworth NH has to offer are here to help with the whole process.

Bedford in Hillsborough could be a great choice for you

The number one suburb to live in New Hampshire, according to Niche, is Bedford. This, however, also means that the cost of living in Bedford is very high. The median home value reaches a whopping $437,300, and the median rent reaches $1,705. To make up for it, the median household income sits at a decent $135,374. That being said, living comfortably as a single shouldn’t be a problem in Bedford. It gives off a sparse suburban feeling and has plenty of diversity, coffee shops, parks… You name it, Bedford has it.

a woman smiling
Bedford is a place in New Hampshire that has a lot to offer for singles

Before you hire some of the most reputable movers Bedford NH has to offer, take a look at other things. Bedford, although small, with around 22,710 of its residents, can be explored. If you don’t mind traveling a bit for certain activities, you’re bound to find something that interests you.

  • If you’re a foodie at heart, the River Road Tavern offers authentic cuisine, craft beers, and great service. It doesn’t matter if you’re treating yourself or friends, or if you’re going on a date. This tavern has it all.
  • Enjoyers of art, rejoice, for the Canvas Roadshow is waiting for you at the South River Road. If you believe in love at first sight, or simply want a romantic painting session with your potential soulmate, Canvas Roadshow is the place for you!
  • At 200 Bedford Street, you’ll find the Manchester Historic Association’s Millyard Museum. A perfect place if you want to learn more about the area’s history: single, or with a company. 
  • For nature lovers and singles with an active lifestyle, Livingstone Park is a great place. Hikers, cyclists, runners, athletes, singles, couples, and everyone who just loves being outside comes here. 

Another one of the many places to live in New Hampshire for singles is Nashua in Hillsborough

89,052 or 91,322 people depending on the source, $279,800 median home value, $1,309 rent, and $73,785 median home income. These are the numbers that describe Nashua, a big and diverse town in New Hampshire, with a mix of urban and suburban feeling. According to Niche, it is the number one place in New Hampshire terms of diversity, and the number one suburb for young professionals in the area.

A good 16% of people are between the ages of 25-34, though there appears to be an even distribution of people of all ages. An hour away from the beach, and a few minutes away from other points of interest. Most residents describe Nashua, NH as a place where there’s always something to do, with many opportunities, and so on.

people cheering and drinking
If you’re looking for good places to live in New Hampshire for singles, Nashua might be the best for you

What is it that Nashua has to offer to singles and other people? What is it that can make you hire the best movers Nashua NH locals count on? For starters, Nashua takes great pride in its wellness and fitness options! It’s home to the Holman Stadium for baseball lovers, Conway Arena for skating and ice hockey enthusiasts, and Mine Falls Park and Greeley Park for outdoor enjoyers. Windblown Cross Country Ski Area is there for those who find joy in skiing.

If you’re not a sporty type, perhaps you’d like to watch a play at Nashua’s Court Street Theater? Maybe you’re a shopaholic and would love to go shopping with friends at the Pheasant Lane Mall? For those of you who love to have a drink or two, stop by at a distillery or sports bar. If the creative output is important to you, the Grafitti Paintbar is a must-visit. 

If what you’re looking for is tamer and quainter, consider Exeter and North Hampton

Exeter and North Hampton, unlike Nashua, are way smaller and have fewer residents. However, both places are quaint, safe, have the New England charm many people look for, and have a lot to offer despite their sizes. The many colonial-style houses might tempt you to hire movers Exeter NH is known for right away, but there’s so much more.

man drinking coffee in one of the places to live in New Hampshire for singles
Sometimes, the best places to live in New Hampshire for singles are the smallest ones

A great location is what makes Exeter and North Hampton so versatile: the ocean and the mountains are just a car ride away. We hope you’ll make space for your swimming and hiking equipment! If not, just rent storage North Hampton NH has to offer.

Exeter has between 14,000 and 16,000 residents, depending on which sources you look at. Exeter used to be the capital of New Hampshire and is rich historically: the American Independence Museum is the most popular. On top of that, Exeter has plenty of cafes and restaurants for singles that like to mingle, and for those who don’t: Trackside Cafe, Ani’s Bagel Cafe, St Anthony’s Bakery… Art Up Front Street Studios & Gallery is also worth a visit.

North Hampton is the least populated place on this list, with hardly around 4,500 people and a suburban rural feeling. However, the nature and views in this town are to die for. Fuller Gardens, North Hampton State Beach, Great Bay, and Sawyers Beach are just some of the many wonders of nature in this little gem of a town in New Hampshire. There are plenty of small gift shops and businesses, distilleries, and so much more. It may not be as big and busy as the other places on this list, but it won’t disappoint you.

That concludes our list of places to live in New Hampshire for singles

Perhaps you’ll settle for an entirely different place, or maybe you’ll move to a place from our list. In any case, these are only some of the best places to live in New Hampshire for singles, in our opinion at least. A word of advice though: make sure you start planning your move on time. You might want to opt for a DIY move, or you might want to hire movers to help you. If you want reputable, professional movers, with the best pool table movers NH has ever seen, or the most diligent packers ever, Preferred Movers NH is here to help! Give us a call and plan your move today. Who knows? We might just have what it takes to make your move as easy as pie.