Best places to live in Maine

Maine is a state that offers something else and also a lot of opportunities. We can all see that people are moving all the time and statistics shows that Maine is a state that gives everything that you need for a perfect life. There are many places you can visit or places to live in Maine. They are not all the same, but at the same time, some things are similar. Choosing the right one is crucial for you and your family. We will discuss all the places that are the best for living here. But first, the importance of movers and moving companies in general. They provide services that will make your life easier and stress-free. Preferred Movers NH are just the type of movers you need for any relocation!

Ogunquit – paradise with long beaches

This fisherman village attracts many visitors because it provides you with a different feeling. This is an ideal place for families where small kids can fly their kites or collect sea chefs. Gorgeous Ogunquit beach is wide and 3.5 miles long. You need all day to go from one end to another. A lot of people migrate here every year! This is a really small place, so here you can experience peace! To get here the best option would be movers Ogunquit ME. They are experts in the field of moving people and things. Ogunquit is a phenomenal place, be sure to visit it even if you are not moving here. There are a lot of stores where you can buy unique things and of course restaurants with fresh seafood.

Woman walking on a beach
Long beaches in Ogunquit will leave everybody speechless

Saco – the industrial king

Saco is one of the first cities that started the industrial revolution in this part of the USA. This is not such a big city. This is one of the good places to live in Maine. Only 20,000 people live here. Cotton mills, cigarette factories, iron foundries, and machine shops are developed here. People recognized this place as a place with good potential. Here you can find ancestors of the first Abenaki tribe that lived here before people from Europe came. People here are environmentally friendly and the city has made its first step toward fighting climate change. Wind turbines are ideal for this part of the USA because it has a lot of windy days. Saco Maine movers can get you here!

Making a business plan
Start a business here!

Kittery – Maine’s oldest town

This is one of the most charming places to live in Maine. This small old town has a heart and the people living there are very friendly and tourists are always welcome here. Like every other town in Maine, it has a soul. 400 years of historical buildings still stand here. Fort McClary is the most famous one. The location includes a fort that has stood for nearly 300 years. People love to come here. Movers Kittery ME are there for relocation of your stuff if you ever decide to move here. If you decide to come here, you won’t regret it. Fall in this state and this city is phenomenal!

York – summer town

York is a well-known summer resort town. It is home to three 18-hole golf clubs and four wonderful sandy beaches! There are a lot of things to visit and see here:

  • Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse – a beautiful lighthouse that stands here for centuries
  • Cliff Walk – A beautiful coastline where you can walk and enjoy
  • Wiggly Bridge – walking among York River
  • Wiggly Bridge Distillery – An excellent bourbon is made here, you should try it
  • York Beach Beer Company – Light beers for outdoor consumption

Movers York Maine are the perfect solution for your relocation here. We suggest that you avoid moving in summer here because it will be harder. A lot of people come here in the summer. You should speak with the movers about that.

Friends saying cheers with a beer
Take a beer from York Beach Beer Company and enjoy the taste!

Portland – the biggest of all in Maine

This is one of the biggest places in the US state of Maine. 68,313 people live here. It is not an enormous city, but it is the biggest around here. The city is environmentally green. That means huge expanses of green space, from parks and forests to breathtaking mountaintops. They take seriously global warming and their way of thinking is different. A lot of parks and trees. This is also a popular tourist attraction. Interestingly, almost every city and town in Maine is a good attraction for tourists. People love to come to these small charming places.

Cornish – the bucolic town

This town is close to the White Mountains and because of that, it offers more scenic trails and hikes than you can imagine. Some are privately owned and they require permission to walk and visit. But people in Maine are friendly and private owners usually let people go threw their property and enjoy the view. Because White Mountain is close, people come here in winter. York is a summer destination and Cornish is a winter destination. If you are coming from another state here in Maine, long distance movers in Maine will provide a service that is efficient and fast. The Cornish Association of Businesses is very active in the community and always tries to provide the best for the community.

Cape Elizabeth

Greenbelt plan! This plan maintains the rural integrity of this town and protects the local wildlife. It is a plan for a sustainable ecosystem so humans and nature can interact without damaging one or the other. This is another great option for nature lovers! All the cities are suitable for nature lovers. For people who want to hike, walk, ride a bicycle and see the true colors of fall. Fall in this state is phenomenal and the view is stunning.

Chebeague Island – the newest town in Maine

It is made up of 17 different islands. Many of its residents are active participants in sustainability. This is a place for people who like a big community, who are social, and who like to help and contribute to society. It is a lot different from anything else and you need to think about moving here. Is this for you, or not? Its proximity to Portland and is a big bonus because you can find what you need and don’t have.

Belfast – one of the good places to live in Maine

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this is the right place for you. Its community encourages the support of farmer markets, cooperatives, and local businesses. People help each other whenever they need help. When the community stands behind you, you are a stringer. So, many young people come and start their businesses! For your business, you should consider all the moving services NH can provide, because your business shouldn’t suffer! Big and expensive things should be brought by experts!

All the places to live in Maine will make you and your family happy
Your family will be happy here

Try to avoid mistakes

Always when you are relocating do your research! People make a lot of mistakes and that costs money. Whatever city you decide to move to in Maine, prepare and learn. Maine is a wonderful state that is expanding. It is not a big industrial state where people work from morning to evening, chase their careers and try to earn a lot of money. This is all about community, hanging out, enjoying nature, and protecting nature and wildlife. Helping each other is here normal. You won’t find that in big cities! Big cities like NYC are full of depressed people. They don’t care for each other, everybody is looking after themselves! Helping is not so common there. It is just the way of fast life there. State to state movers are there if you want to avoid mistakes!

Maine will provide you with happiness and a different way of life

This state is all about nature, happiness, and a slower way of life. When you come here, you need to consider that. Are you for that, or you are not? There are a lot of great places to see and visit here. Fall is stunning! From red to brown, from green to yellow. All those colors are on one single tree. You will also experience all 4 seasons. Cold winters, sunny summers. You can swim in the sea and snowboard in the mountain. A lot of people dream of this. All the things that are happening in the world are pushing people towards nature, farms, and the old way of living. Inflation, wars, crises, and all other things are affecting our mental health. Nature provides us with peace!

You can see moose on the road or near your home

Westbrook – cheap rents

Some say that Westbrook is stealing Portland’s thunder. Cheaper rents are something that people love when they decide where they want to live. This city has a nice ecosystem of Maine-based businesses. A lot of small businesses started here. This is also one of those cities that is good for starting u business. All that you need for normal life can be found here in this city. Portland is near, so everything is much simpler and easier.

In all places to live in Maine, appartmants are nice and economic
Rents are not so big in Maine!

Brooksville – lowest property taxes

The lifestyle here, although it’s not lucrative, is very appealing to young people who are starting families. They like the idea of raising children in a healthy environment that is not polluted. It has its good and bad things. Education is not so great in smaller places, but this town has it all. Even though this is a small place, the schools are great. Good teachers and a strong community are what people are searching for. Among all the places to live in Maine, this is maybe the best for raising a family.

Cumberland – the safest town

For many years this place holds the title of the safest place to live in Maine. It is so safe that you can leave your door unlocked and your car open and nobody will still do anything. Safety is everybody’s concern. Especially if you have small children. People are friendly, the nature around the town is great and there are a lot of great houses to rent or buy. Because a lot of people are trying to settle here, you should be fast when renting. Movers can always help you with that task! They are well-connected with real estate agents and other professionals.

Include your family when making a decision

Because your family is going to live with you, we suggest that you include them all in the process of making a decision. You don’t want your family to live in a place that they don’t love. Something good for you, maybe bad for them. They are also going to live here and their opinion is important. But, whatever city you and your family choose to live in, you won’t regret it! Every town or city is charming and you will experience a strong community like anywhere else.

Take time and think about everything when moving here

Choosing between places to live in Maine is something that takes time and a lot of thinking. It is a decision that can change your life. There are some aspects that you need to consider always.

  • Schools for your kids
  • Connections with the rest of the state
  • Community
  • Job opportunities
  • Chances for starting your own company

When you have an answer to all this, you will know what will you and your family choose. Just remember to be patient and hire movers. Their role in moving is important. If you want stress-free moving whenever you can.

You will be happy here

This is something that is guaranteed here when you relocate. If you like peace and a strong community, this is the right state and place for you. We mentioned what are the most interesting places to live in Maine. That places are expanding and more people are coming. Remember to hire movers, and avoid stress! That is something that you don’t need in life. Life is stressful as it is. You don’t have to push it by moving by yourself.