Best cities in NH for seniors

New Hampshire is considered to be one of the safest states to live and retire. Besides that, here you will find some of the best cities in NH for seniors to live in. These cities are offering many attractions and advantages like lower cost of living, safety, and charming surroundings. Movers in NH can help you relocate with the least possible levels of stress and pressure so you can really enjoy your retirement. Start by exploring the cities and New Hampshire.

What to expect from New Hampshire?

If you aren’t currently living in New Hampshire or you are considering moving to NH, you should know a few basic things. First, the name, New Hampshire is also called a Granite State because of its quarries. Some call it the White Mountain State or even Mother of River. In any case, it is a beautiful and charming state with some of the best cities for retirement. Manchester is the largest city, but Concorde is the capital city. Besides them, there are other popular cities to explore, which we will do for you.

Living room with a nice view
Enjoy your retirement in New Hampshire

New Hampshire taxes are a great reason to retire there

There is a good reason why New Hampshire is so a friendly state for seniors. This is mainly because it has low retirement taxes. New Hampshire has tax-free social security retirement benefits and pension incomes are untaxed. New Hampshire is the only state, besides Alaska, with no sales, income, or Social Security tax. If you are thinking about buying a home in NH you should know that they don’t have sales taxes, but the property taxes are very high. Maybe you will spend more on a new home than in another state, but due to lower taxes, you will eventually bust up your savings.

Best cities in NH for seniors

Still wondering about relocating to New Hampshire? Before you start to plan a relocation, you should see what the most popular places are for retirees.


Portsmouth is an excellent place to live. And this is not only for retirees but for all ages. The residents there have the feeling that they live in a metropolitan area, but without having to bother with traffic. You can also find a lot of excellent restaurants, shops and pretty much everything else the same as you would in any larger city. Retirement here can be active and satisfying but calm at the same time. In case you enjoy that kind of pace then try contacting movers Portsmouth NH, get a free quote, and wait to enjoy in the vibrant city that offers great waterfront views and beautiful architecture.

Portsmouth panorama
Portsmouth is a great place that has a lot to offer

Somersworth is one of the best cities in NH for seniors

Somersworth is located in Strafford County, New Hampshire. It is a small city covering a 25 square km area. However, it has everything you need for daily life. Somersworth has a great health network, a good location for outdoor activities and community. If you are relocating, you can contact local movers Somersworth NH, and get assistance both with relocation and settling in.


Berlin is a city in NH located on the edge of the White Mountains. It actually extends a little to the National Forest. As you can imagine, it has beautiful surroundings and it is excellent for outdoor activities. Berlin is a slow-paste, family-friendly town. It has nice and safe neighborhoods. Its main advantages are the mountains and their scenery. Berlin attracts seniors mostly because of its scenery, kindly neighbors, and outdoor activities.


Rye is a small coastline city. It is very close to Portsmouth and it offers numerous attractions and historical sites. Rye is famous because of its beach that is appealing both to seasonal tourists and residents as well. Retire in Rye especially if you want to enjoy your free time in the nice fresh air and near the beach. Rye offers a suburban feel and the neighborhoods are friendly. Make sure that you find reliable movers Rye NH before you plan a move. Even better if you can visit the city before you start to pack.

Rye from the sky
Is Rye a place where you could retire?

Claremont is one of the best cities in NH for seniors

The city of Claremont is named to be one of the best cities in NH for seniors to retire. It offers a small-town feel to its residents and also tourists. The majority that lives here actually appreciate that. Claremont also has numerous 55+ active retirement communities. This is a great place if you would like to retire but still remain active. Another advantage of Claremont is that it is surrounded by forests and mountains. Plenty of places to have fresh air and hiking tours.


Keene is a city south of Claremont. It is another excellent place thanks to the rich history, beautiful nature and architecture. It is a peaceful place with many different outdoor activities. Enjoy retirement fishing, boating, or hiking.

Weather in New Hampshire

When you are moving in another climate, usually long distance, it is always good to know what kind of weather you can expect. New Hampshire has four seasons, meaning that summers are warm and the winters are very cold. Some locals say that winters are snowy and freezing. They sometimes complain that they have to spend a lot on heating during winter. This is very useful information for future homeowners.

Have in mind that these cities aren’t necessarily the largest or with the best job opportunities.  There are maybe some better options for young professionals in search of business opportunities. However, these are the best cities in NH for seniors. If you have an opportunity to visit them in person, it would be great. That is definitely the best way to experience first-hand, everyday life.