Apartment moving checklist for a smooth relocation in Georgetown

Moving out usually turns out to be quite a stressful experience. Leaving your old home and adapting to a new one is a big challenge. When you add all the extra tasks you need to do, apartment relocation in Georgetown may get really messy. However, once it is all said and done, you can enjoy your new place and breathe a sigh of relief. Procrastination might be your worst enemy in this process. In order to minimize moving-out headaches, our professionals at Preferred Movers recommend starting early and following the tips below so you can have a smooth relocation.

Starting early is the best way to ensure smooth relocation in Georgetown

To start planning early is really helpful to avoid the last day chaos. By early, we mean at least a couple of months before the move. This, obviously, depends on the number of members of your household, the quantity of stuff you are about to move, the size of your apartment, etc. One thing is for sure, it’s better to start as soon as possible. Even if you manage to finish all tasks way before the deadline, that just means you’ll be able to rest and patiently wait for the relocation.

woman writting down a plan for relocation in Georgetown
Relocation in Georgetown will be much easier if you make an early plan.

Three months before the move

We’ll start off with a few tasks that usually take some time to get done. Three months may sound too much at first, but when you get into it, you’ll realize why it is important to prepare for moving from NH to MA this early.

Hiring a moving company for easy relocation in Georgetown

One of the first things you need to do is to figure out if you are going to hire a moving company, or you will do it by yourself/with the help of friends and family. While moving out with the help of your loved ones has its perks, and you can even have some fun, the whole process is a lot more complicated. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire moving companies in Massachusetts. It’s the best way to ensure smooth sailing. It’s obvious that professionals are way safer than amateurs when it comes to handling your belongings.

movers handling boxes
Hiring professionals to take care of your move is one of the top priorities.

Contacting your landlord

If you are renting your current apartment, you need to give your landlord a notice. Time of notice may vary depending on your contract details. Usually, it’s around 2 months. Also, if you want to make sure your deposit is safe and it will be given back to you, check for any damages and deteriorations to your house. If there are any, try to fix them, or contact the landlord.

Getting rid of things you don’t need

Before you start organizing items you’ll move, it would be really helpful if you separate things that you don’t need. All of us have some belongings that we forgot even existed. On top of that, there are some things that are of no use to you anymore. This especially relates to old clothing items, but it could be anything else. These things would make moving out even harder because it gives you more stuff to pack, and therefore, more to unpack. That is unnecessary extra work. Even if you have the help of movers Georgetown, getting rid of items you no longer need is a good thing, so let’s see what are the best ways to do that.

A garage sale is the most common solution in these cases. Although you’re moving from an apartment and not a house, you can still rent some space where you’ll organize the event. If you don’t want to bother with setting this up, try selling it on the Internet. There are many online selling sites where you can earn some money by selling stuff. Finally, if you don’t see yourself doing this, donating some stuff to charity is a noble thing to do. People in need would really appreciate it and while helping them, you help yourself by making your relocation easier, so it’s a win-win situation.

a woman preparing sneakers for a sale
Selling some of your stuff on the Internet will make your move easier and earn you some money.

Within a month of relocation in Georgetown

Before you start packing, there are a few more things to check off the list. These include:

  1. Gathering moving supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap.
  2. Notifying your employer, your bank, credit card company, and post office about your new address.
  3. Paying your bills on time and notifying your utility providers.
  4. Ask your employer for some time off work if possible.


Assuming you have already gotten rid of things you won’t need it’s time to divide your things into essential and non-essential categories. Non-essential items should be packed first. After some time, as you slowly reach your moving day, you should start packing up everything that’s left. The easiest way to do this is to go room-by-room and label every box based on what’s in it. Always put heavier stuff at the bottom of the box. Also, try not to leave empty space in boxes to avoid imbalance and breaking something. However, if the packing is too much work, you can always seek help from movers that provide professional packing services NH. That way you can sit back and relax, relocation will be as easy as they come.

Whether or not you’re hiring professional help with packing, it is important to keep your valuables close. Almost everything is replaceable, but your valuables aren’t. Therefore, keep a close eye on them. A few days before you move we also recommend that you clean everything. That way you make sure nothing is left out and you leave the apartment clean and ready for the next resident which is a nice gesture.

After you’ve done all this, the hard part is over. Unpacking is yet to come, and let’s face it, nobody likes that part either, but it’s definitely less stressful and easier. Remember, plan ahead, don’t procrastinate, and double-check everything. If you follow these tips, we’re sure that your relocation in Georgetown will be smooth as silk. We wish you a safe move and plenty of happy memories in your new home!