A guide to what your Massachusetts movers won’t move

When moving, there will be many things to pack. If you choose to do it by yourself, you need to pack everything that you own. In case you choose to hire Preferred Movers NH, they will pack everything for you. Or that is at least what you may think. But you shouldn’t be so sure about that. Even though they are professionals in packing things, there are certain items that they won’t pack. It’s not that they don’t want, they have certain rules to follow. If you want to know what your Massachusetts movers won’t move, keep reading.

What your Massachusetts movers won’t move?

If you wonder what your Massachusetts movers won’t move, think of anything that can be hazardous. Some items are quite obvious, while others will come as a surprise. Some of the items that some moving companies in Massachusetts won’t allow on their truck are:

  • Plants
  • Food
  • Pets
  • Fireworks
a person carrying a box with houseplants
Anything hazardous will be rejected by your movers


Plants can be classified as one of the items that movers won’t transport because of two reasons. First, they can be carrying harmful insects, pests, and diseases. Second, they are very fragile, and they shouldn’t be crammed between moving boxes. For an interstate move with movers Swampscott, it will be better to leave them behind. We know that many people get attached to their houseplants, but sometimes it’s for the better. You can leave them in your old home for the new people that will move in, gift them to friends or neighbors, or even sell them.


Why do you think that the majority of moving preparation guides advise people to stop buying groceries a few days before moving? The reason is that movers won’t transport perishables like food. The good news is that they can transport canned goods and pasta, for example. If you have leftover food before your move with movers West Newbury, you can either prepare a delicious goodbye dinner or throw away anything that is about to expire.


You won’t want your pets to move in a moving truck. There is no fresh air and things could fall on top of them and cause injuries. That’s also the reason why your movers won’t do it. If you can’t move your pet with you for some reason, there are specialized moving services for pets that you can contact and see what options you have.


This one comes as no surprise, but it is good to mention it. The main reason why movers won’t transport fireworks is because of their constitution and because they could theoretically ignite in the heat of the moving van. To make things worse, many places restrict their use, making it even more difficult to transport unused fireworks.

Picture of fireworks
When wondering what your Massachusetts movers won’t move, fireworks is one of them


Now that you know what your Massachusetts movers won’t move, it is time to either get rid of, use up or find another way to transport these items. Hopefully, you have enough time to do all of this. We wish you good luck!