A guide to packing perishables for your Maine move

Food is an item group that can cause problems when moving. The majority of movers won’t even think about accepting perishable items, and for a good reason. They go bad fast, and when they do, they cause many problems. Mold, bad smells, and insects are only some of them. If you are moving a short distance, you can think about packing perishables for your Maine move. But in case you are moving to the other side of the world, don’t bother. It will turn out more expensive to transport food with you since companies like Preferred Movers NH won’t do it. During a local move, the only option you have is to transport it yourself, and we will teach you how to prepare for that.

How should you be packing perishables for your Maine move?

Even if you decide on packing perishables for your Maine move, you shouldn’t pack everything. Sure, you don’t want to throw food away, but you don’t even have to. You can eat it yourself, make a nice dinner for your loved ones, prepare snacks for some moving companies Maine employees, or donate it.

frozen berries in a bowl represent packing perishables for your Maine move
Eat up everything that you can

For packing the rest, you need to:

  • Verify with your movers
  • Think about your alcohol
  • Pack frozen food separately
  • Keep in mind that things are heavy

Verify with movers

While the majority of movers Ogunquit ME won’t move any food, some might accept canned goods for example. But you won’t know that unless you ask. Once you get your answer, you can see what you should do next, whether get rid of or start packing the food you have.


Many people have alcohol in their homes, mostly received as gifts. If you have only a few, your friends and family members will be more than happy to either drink it at your going away party or accept it as a gift. But in case you still want to keep them, keep in mind that most movers Kittery ME won’t transport this either. A big, expensive collection of alcohol should only be moved with the help of some specialized movers, so make sure to find some before you move.

Pack frozen food separately

This might be the worth type of perishable that you can bring with you, but you decide to make. If you are moving down the block, you can go away with transporting your frozen food in your vehicle. Just make sure to pack anything frozen separately, in a special bag for frozen food. Water won’t come out of the bag in case something melts, avoiding damage to your other belongings.

Keep the weight in mind

Food might not look heavy, but it is, especially if you have a lot of it. Even if your movers accept to transport your perishables, you will pay a lot for it because of the weight. That’s another reason why you should get rid of as much as possible before moving day since it will be cheaper to buy new food than transport the existing one.

canned food
When packing perishables for your Maine move, keep the weight in mind


When packing perishables for your Maine move, start on time. Packing is a time-consuming process, and if you leave it for the last few days, you will have a mess. To avoid all of that, start preparing for your move on time, and everything will be alright. Good luck!