A complete guide for moving from Saco to Ogunquit

Maine is a phenomenal state in the USA. This state is different because it offers different life. Peaceful life! For some people that is a very important thing. Usually, people who live here don’t want to leave the state because they have many opportunities here and they love living here. People move only from one place to another in the state when they need to. People are moving from Saco to Ogunquit. The statistic says that in the last few years, a lot of people are moving to Ogunquit. The best way to move here is to hire movers. They specialize in moving and they know how to do everything fast and efficiently. Preferred Movers NH is the type of company that you need when relocating. We will discuss the differences between these two places and how to come here.

The city of Saco

Saco is a wonderful place. For some people, that is paradise on earth. People love it. By the early 17th century, Europeans were attracted by untouched nature and beautiful safe harbors. Permanent settlers arrived in 1631 and they started their families here. There are still living relatives from people who came here first. They stayed here proudly and continued the tradition! In 1825 the first cotton factory was built. In the next 25 years, Saco boosted dozens of industries from cotton mills and machine shops, to cigar factories and iron foundries. This city has a big history and it was developing fast! With industry and people, movers came. So, you can hire Saco Maine movers for your relocation when you need them.

Movers with packing boxes
When moving from Saco to Ogunquit consider hiring movers

Ogunquit – a beautiful place by the sea

The history of Ogunquit starts with fishermen. They were the first to come here and catch fish from the sea. Everything about this place is connected to the sea. Beautiful beaches, open sea and a lot of activities to do. These gorgeous bitches attract people. And people usually stay here forever. 3.5 miles of beach ranks as one of the prettiest in the country. Here you can see families with small children collecting shells and flying kites in the sky. The view is amazing when you come here. There are a lot of galleries and summer theaters.

Why do people move to Ogunquit?

We mentioned that people who live here want peace. Both places offer that. But, the Saco is more developed and the industry is bigger. That is why for a big number of people that is not what they are looking for. That is why people are moving from Saco to Ogunquit. There is where they find their peace and beautiful views. And that view has its price. Ogunquit’s housing costs are 65.3% more expensive than the housing costs in the city of Saco. That is a huge number. But people still come here. They even travel far away to work if they have to. They just want to return to this magnificent place. Some people live in Ogunquit and continue working in Saco. They are only 33 minutes from each other. Local movers NH can transfer you here quickly and fast.

Let’s talk about numbers

We mentioned that Ogunquit is more expensive. The housing is more expensive. 613,800$ is an average house in Ogunquit. In Saco it is 371,400$. A big difference. But, you need to know that income in Ogunquit is bigger. On average 61,750 compared to 52,611$. Tourism is very developed in this little place and the income is bigger. A lot of people leave money here buying all sorts of things when they come to visit.

What is the best option for relocating from Saco to Ogunquit?

There are two options. One is to hire movers and the other is to do it on your own. We always recommend that you consider option one. People don’t move every day and they don’t know how to relocate on their own. That is why they make a lot of mistakes that cost a lot of money. Movers are the safer option. Hiring them indeed costs money, but moving is much safer. It is like an umbrella. When it starts raining, you are protected from rain. The same can apply to movers. Their experience will protect you from unwanted things. And for long distance relocations, movers play a big role! Long distance movers in Maine can provide you with the service of long distance relocation to Ogunquit and make everything perfect.

Roads in Maine are good when moving from Saco to Ogunquit
Roads are good between Saco and Ogunquit

Things that you can do and visit in Ogunquit

There are a lot of things that you can do in this small place and here are some of them:

Marginal Way

1.5 miles of beach houses that will blow your mind. All the houses in this area are very pretty and they are really near the beach. It is not strange that houses here are more expensive than the ones in Saco. The view costs money.

Ogunquit Beach

This beach is so phenomenal and huge. People come here every day and they don’t get bored at all. Sometimes the big waves come and surfers come surfing. People play all king of sports on this beach because it is huge and there is enough space for everything. The sand is beautiful when you walk because it is small and very comfortable.

Ogunquit Museum of American Art

This open museum seats on three acres of sculpture gardens located right on the ocean. They are usually very interesting for people with small kids. Modern artists like Marsden Hartley, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, and Walt Kuhn made the sculptures.

Sea Bell Gallery

This store has a nice collection of cool items, decorations, and art. And here you can buy unique jewelry made from things in the sea. Moving from Saco to Ogunquit can be a good thing because there are a lot of things to do and visit here.

These are just some of the things that you can visit and see. Moving here can be a good thing if you want unusual things, the open sea, and quiet.

Woman celebrating moving from Saco to Ogunquit by walking on the beach
Ogunquit beach is really long and awesome!

The things that you can avoid when moving

There are a lot of things that we can do that we don’t like when moving. Packing is not a fun activity for most people. Here are the things that you need to do when packing:

  • Take everything out and sort it
  • Make an inventory list of things that you are going to bring with you
  • Throw away things that you don’t need anymore or sell them
  • Pack and sort everything right again
  • Try not to forget anything

As you can see, this takes a lot of time and energy! And people are usually very anxious when they do this. There is a simpler solution. You can pay more time preparing and organizing visiting the things we mentioned above and letting the professionals do the work for you. Packing services NH can be used for that. If you let them do all the work for you, you will be much happier. Of course, you will still need to do sort things out, but after that, your problem is theirs.

Man looking over old books and gramophone records
Organize a yard sale for old stuff and make money

Opportunities in Maine

Maine is a state that offers many opportunities and people gladly come here. The main advantage is the climate that provides all four seasons. People can experience good life here. What is different than the other states is that people here are relaxed and they have good relations with their neighbors. People help each other and the community is strong. That is why it is easy to adapt and make a good life here. Ogunquit is a very good town and maybe offers the best opportunities to earn money and live a peaceful life. Movers Ogunquit ME are there for your relocation to this place if you ever decide to settle here.

Getting to know Ogunquit Maine

Ogunquit means “Beautiful place by the sea”. This is from the language of the Algonquin Indians. Running, biking and walking are all popular in Ogunquit. Local restaurants and bars offer a program for a tourist like live music, and comedy shows. People earn good money from programs like this and this is a potential idea for a business! A lot of people visit this place and the number of people is rising every year.

Wonders of Perkins Cove

This is a small turn-of-the-century fishing village that draws a great crowd every year. Here you can also find restaurants, shops, and ocean views. This is a magical and beautiful place to spend the day. Fresh seafood is served here every day and you can enjoy the taste of the sea. We promise that it will be a good thing to visit some of the restaurants here. Everything about this place is magical! Active fishing and lobster boats provide unforgettable memories and incredible views for the whole family. As you can see moving from Saco to Ogunquit can benefit you in many ways.

Services that you can use to move stress-free

There are a lot of different things that you can do to prevent stress when moving. Ogunquit is such an amazing place. Why bother with all the things that can ruin your day, when you can prepare your exploring this town? Moving services NH are there for everything you need. By using different services you can prevent different things from happening and also prevent anxiety and stress. One of those services is storage. If you have things that you don’t need right now, you can store them in one of the storage units that movers provide. This is an excellent solution for your stuff! Always explore and consider different options that movers provide.

Preparation for moving from Saco to Ogunquit

It is important to prepare for moving. It can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. The safest option is hiring movers. If you want to do it on your own, then the best option is to learn about moving and prepare well. That includes the things like making a plan, organizing and sorting your stuff, checking if everything is done as it should, and organizing help from friends and family. Also, there is an important thing about preparing the essential bag. This is very important! This bag should contain your whole life. ID-s, passports, contracts, insurance policies… Things like spare clothes and food are also important to bring with you. You can ask movers for advice in preparation if you are going from Saco.

A list of things to do
Making a list is good for the preparation

The importance of limiting bad things when moving from Saco to Ogunquit

A lot of bad things can happen during your move. Sometimes people end up with big problems with the law. Especially long distance moves. That is why people forget that there are different laws in different states for the same thing. Laws that regulate transportation are different from state to state. And the policy and rules between movers are also different. That is why you need to find a reputable mover for your relocation. Only reputable movers are the ones that are going to provide the best service. That is the number 1 rule when you want to avoid bad things. Reputable movers!

A small statue of a woman holding a scale in her arm
You must respect the law when moving from Saco to Ogunquit

Hiring movers on time

That is also an important thing when you want to relocate. Reputable movers usually have the most moves in the summer. That is because people are using their vacation for moving. That is the only time for some people to move. If you want movers in the last hour in simmer, it will cost more or there is a possibility that you won’t find movers at all. So prepare yourself on time and hire reputable movers soon as you decide who is the one. A few months earlier is the key!

You will enjoy Ogunquit

You will enjoy living here. This beautiful place is extraordinary and people who live here describe it as a heaven on earth. And it is. Moving from Saco to Ogunquit could be the best thing for you if you like living in a small place that is surrounded by the sea. If, in addition to that, you find the right moving company, you will have a memorable move. Get your free moving estimate and don’t hesitate. Good luck!