7 Tips To Make Moving Fun & Comfortable For Kids

Everyone knows that the moving process can be overwhelming for everyone involved. This includes children as they are moving into a new environment, need to meet new people and make new friends which is a big step for them. They are moving from a place they once called home to a completely new setting, which can make them uncomfortable. Here are some tips to make the moving process easier and fun for your kids as you move.

Give Them A Chance To Choose New Things

The main goal of moving with kids is to make sure your child is excited about the new home just as much as you are. You can do this by giving them the power to choose something new for this new home. This could be anything from bathroom accessories, living room curtains, outdoor toys to play with, or toys for their bedroom. This will allow them to get more comfortable with the new home as they are picking out items they want.

Give Them Freedom To Make Decisions About Their Room

Comfortability is all about personal touch and feeling at ease, and this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to your child’s room. Let them have the freedom of creating the room of their dreams, you are making them move from their old home after all. Let them pick out the colors of the bedroom, the area rugs, and curtains. Another fun idea is to have the child map out how they would like their room to be designed and set up. After this process, they will feel right at home as everything in their room was done up to their specifications.

Explore Beforehand

Before the move takes place and after the paperwork has been finalized, you should make it a point to show your child around their new environment. Kids naturally love to explore new places, and since this will be a place they will be living, you will want to make sure they explore the new area prior to moving. Take them on a tour of the new home so they get a feel for what it will be like to live in it. You can also take them to a local park, the backyard, and walk around the neighborhood so they can get accustomed to this new environment.

Set Aside A Special Box

If you want to make your child feel more involved with the moving process, set aside one of the packing boxes just for them. This can be their “special box” where they can pack special items such as a favorite blanket, stuffed animals, favorite books, toys, etc. With this box, they can decorate it however they like by using stickers or drawing on the box. Find house cleaning near me for cleaning services.

Include Your Children In The Children

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make a child feel comfortable is by including them in the moving process. In addition to their “special box,” you should also include them in packing up other boxes. Children can help with packing easy items such as linens, clothing, small items, etc.

Let Them Label

An easy activity to get the kids involved in your move is by allowing them to label the boxes you pack. Start by labeling one side yourself so they know what to write on the other sides. To add some personality you can let the kids draw on the boxes to match the items inside as a fun activity for them to do.

Make The Children’s Room A Priority

Moving is a big deal in general but especially for the little ones as it can feel like they are entering a new world. The quickest way to make them feel comfortable and important is by setting up their room first. Unpack everything and set up all their belongings according to their map that they have drawn to make them feel like they own the space.

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