6 Tips For Moving Overseas

Moving internationally is a big step as you are completely entering an entirely new world outside of your comfort zone. Your first step is to make sure you have everything you will need for your new journey, packed and ready for your move. After you handle the actual moving process and are settled into your new home, there will be feelings of loneliness and discomfort. Here are some tips to help you find your feet in your new home overseas.

Make First Contact

When trying something new or going somewhere new for the first time, you are going to do some research. When moving to a new place, be sure to contact people who live or have lived in that area. They can give you advice, knowledge, and anwers questions you have about your new locaiton. In addition, joining various forums can also help solve questions you may have as well.

Befriend Another Expat

Although you may be in an entirely new country on your own, there will be other people that are in a similar situation, called expats, that you should befriend. These expats can give you advice on the best places to see and help with local bureaucracy. Not only can expats help you with finding out about the local scene, they can also introduce you to their friends that are native to the land. From there you all can start your own adventures in your new home, and if you feel homesick, you will have someone who is in the same situation that can help with your homesickness.

Finalize Documents

Just like with moving to a new town or state you will need to get all your documentation updated and finalized. This is especially so if you are in a new country. Most countries require foreign nationals to register their residency and new address. You will need to do this in order to fully settle in, open a bank account, apply for work or get health insurance. By getting important documents finalized, it will help you settle in much faster by making you feel at home and prevent any roadblocks in the future.

Talk To Strangers

We all know that as kids our parents told us not to talk to strangers, but with moving overseas you will need to break this rule. In a new country you are entirely on your own, and meeting new people can seem scary, but it is not hard. The best way to form new friendships is by going to a cafe or bar and approaching people that look friendly. Be sure to make sure you feel comfortable talking to people as not everyone is friendly, so be sure to look to see if the interested persons seem friendly. In addition, you can join different Facebook groups for expats in your city, join local events, and even sign up for language exchange classes. Chances are some locals are looking to learn your language as much as you are trying to learn theirs, if you live in a foreign language country.

Be Practical

As mentioned before, moving overseas leaves you entirely on your own, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Be sure your friends and family know where you live and the address of your new home in case of emergencies. Keep a contact number in your wallet that you can have access to at any time. If you do live in a country that speaks another language and have medical problems, be sure you know how to say these problems in the native tounge.

Don’t Look Back

Trying out new things, especially moving to a new home, will tempt you to turn or move back to your comfort zone after a couple of months. Be sure to remind yourself of the goal you want to reach or the reasons why you made this move. The first couple of months to settle are always the hardest but keep your head up and get acquainted with the locals. If you start to get home sick, try and have friends or family visit you and introduce them to your new life. Being the person with all the information for your relatives and showing them around can be very satisfying.