6 Preparation Tips For A Summer Move

The summer is going strong and being the most popular season to move, summer moves are at their peak. Summer is usually the best time to move as families are getting ready to settle into a new home before the new school year starts and before businesses start to pick up for commercial moves. While the summer provides ideal weather conditions to move, there are still some preparation you should take to ensure your move is as safe and runs as smoothly as possible. Below are six tips you should consider  for preparing for your summer move.

Make Contacts In Advance

Whether you are using a professional moving service or getting help from family or friends, you should reach out ahead of time. With summer being the most popular times for moving, companies will book up quickly so its best to catch them ahead of everyone else. While you are waiting to hear back from these companies you can use the time to compare quotes to get the most work for your money. The same goes with friend and family members that plan on helping you move. Ask for their schedules to see if you can plan your move so you can get as much help as possbile. As long as you can get a date range of availablilty from your friends you will be in a good postion with your move.

Have Refreshments Ready

Moving in the sun and humid weather that New England provides in the summer  will leave you with one sweaty and uncomfortable move. Heat stroke is a real threat when it comes to picking up and moving heavy items in the heat, so make sure everyone is well hydrated. Make sure there are cold drinks and snacks at the ready to ensure hydration is provided for everyone involved in the move.

Get Kids Involved

If you have little ones, then moving can be turned into a fun activity for everyone in the family. Kids love to be included with things that their parents do, so moving is a good way to make your children feel a part of a project.  Have your kids pack their own belongings and dedicate certain tasks for them as a starting point. They can also be given the task of packing up their toys or other items in rooms such as a playroom.

Make Sure Utilities Are Set 

Prior to loading your moving truck, you will want to make sure that the utilities in your new home are on and function propery. You will want to contact the utility companies of the house to ensure that all appliances are working properly. That way the only thing you will need to worry about is unpacking once you arrive.

Protect Heat-Sensitive Items

When separating items to be packed for your move, you should make note of items that are heat-sensitive. These types of items, such as aerosol cans, electronics, candles, etc, should be placed together in a box with a label letting either friends or movers know that they are to be transported in a vehicle with air-conditioning. Once you reach your new home, this box of heat-sensitve items should be one of the first boxes placed in the house.

Make A Moving Day Kit

No matter if you are moving locally or long distance, a box or bag should be set aside that will contain all of your necessities for when the unloading is finished. Toiletries, fresh change of clothes, and daily essentials should be kept in this box and kept with you during the move. Having this will avoid the hassle of finding items you need in different boxes to complete daily activities after a move.

If you have more questions about moving in the summer or would like to hire our movers for your next move, contact us today!