5 short-distance moving mistakes to avoid

The moving process is quite stressful and it can give us headaches if we are not properly prepared. Luckily, there are really good moving companies, like movers Concord NH, around which can help you with it. However, even if you decide to entrust a moving company with your move, which is always a good idea, you can still make a lot of mistakes. There are small mistakes and large mistakes and then there are really large mistakes. Today we will let you know which are the 5 short-distance moving mistakes to avoid! Let’s get started!

5 Short-Distance Moving Mistakes to Avoid – The list

Of course, you can make many more mistakes than only five, but these are the ones that will influence your move the most. They are, in no particular order:

  1. “Winging It”
  2. Not having proper insurance
  3. Going to an unknown company
  4. Scheduling things last minute
  5. Moving everything with you

There we go, those are the short-distance moving mistakes to avoid. Now let’s dig even deeper and see why these mistakes are so terrible.

scooter in a flood
Knowing that you are making a mistake before you make it is half the battle!

Winging It

For some of us, procrastination is a way of life. For others, it is just a small nuisance. When it comes to moving, it might as well be our worst enemy. The thing is, even small moves, such as studio apartment moving, will be quite costly and can eat at your nerves if you fail to plan for them. In fact, not only do you need to plan them, you need to plan them well in advance. According to many experts, you need to plan your move months in advance. And even then you get moving stress! Imagine how it will be if you do not plan at all!

The absolute worst mistake you can do, when it comes to moving, is to be easygoing and not plan for anything. Even when it comes to a short-distance move! Just imagine this, you do not arrange for storage North Hampton NH, and you end up with an apartment chock full of stuff! You need to carefully select a moving company as well, which is a process by itself, then you need to notify your utility companies. After that, there is packing, travel arrangements and so on. The best thing you can do, in fact, is to make a checklist well before you need to actually move.

Not having proper insurance

Also a common mistake, and one that will not always bite you in the proverbial ass. But when it does, will it hurt! Easily one of the most costly mistakes you can make, especially if you have valuable items in transport. Accidents happen and they happen more than you think. Proper insurance is paramount in any kind of a move. Your homeowners’ insurance will cover you in some cases but it will not in others.

The best thing to do here, to avoid making this mistake, is to talk to your insurance agent. You need the information on whether your belongings are covered and in which situations they are, if so. For example, basic coverage is if your items get stolen. Almost any basic homeowners’ policy will refund you if that happens. However, what if your items get damaged due to bad weather? Will anyone refund you if that happens? Those are the questions that you need to ask.

Also, contact your moving company and find out what is their policy on coverage. There are many different ones. Some are based on the total weight of items, and not on their value. Perhaps they go by the value that they assess. Or perhaps your moving company will offer you a full replacement. There are many different variations and you need to know which one you are getting.

calculator and a piece of paper
Proper insurance is an excellent safety net! Piece of mind is priceless!

5 short-distance moving mistakes to avoid – Going to an unknown company

When it comes to moving companies, research is your best friend. Yet, oftentimes people do not have time or will to do proper research and then this mistake happens. And boy does it hurt when it does. You can end up in all sorts of unpleasant situations. Your move can end up a lot more expensive than the quote you got says. You can be paying a premium for regular packing materials. And, perhaps worst of all, your property might be lost or damaged.

The problem is, if you get a sneaky moving company, your stuff is in their truck and they might be keeping it hostage. Their power over you is quite high in that case. Think about that next time you see this amazing deal online, that is too good to be true. Always ask yourself “why are these guys doing it for that cheap”. Feel free to research, there are indeed some moving companies that are just breaking through and offering some sweet deals but they are rare. Much more often you will get in the clutches of a company that is not that honest.

Bottom line, you need to know if the company you’re going with is on the up and up. You do this by checking out trustworthy places online and looking up feedback from actual customers. Then, if you want to be extra careful (and you should!) check their DOT (Department of Transportation) number!

Scheduling in the last minute

In moving, timing is everything. For example, most moves are in the summer. That is when moving companies have the most work. Next, there are autumn and spring. Holidays are especially problematic, as well. The best thing to do is research all the moving options and get all the moving estimates well in advance, a month or two will do.

Leaving it to the last minute can have devastating effects if you cannot find what you are looking for. You might end up without a moving company altogether, or paying a huge sum of money for the move.

So do not make this mistake, plan well in advance.

a clock
Make sure you schedule well in advance, do not wait for the last minute!

Moving everything with you

You might think that just stuffing everything you own into moving boxes is a great idea. If you do, you’ve just made a really common moving mistake. You will have extra weight, you will pay more and you will end up with stuff you do not actually need. You might even end up paying more money to get rid of the stuff, down the line! So just do yourself a favor and declutter your home before you move. You’ll thank us later!