5 reasons why you should consider moving to Amesbury

If you are reading this article one thing is for certain: you are thinking about hiring movers Amesbury MA and moving to Amesbury. While it might not be one of the most popular cities in the States, it certainly has its charms. So, if you are interested in finding out why so many students, seniors, and everyone in between is moving to this little city en masse, strap in, and let’s get started.

moving to Amesbury
Amesbury can, at times, seem magical and other-worldly.

Why you should consider moving to Amesbury: it’s a quiet place.

Amesbury is a small residential city in Essex County, Massachusetts. With a rich and deep history, it shies away from the urban street buzz of a metropolitan lifestyle. And that is exactly the reason why so many seniors are hiring moving companies in Massachusetts for relocation to Amesbury. What better way to spend retirement than surrounded by forests, rivers, and a tightly-knit and friendly community?

Two seniors sitting down on a bench a sunbathing.
Most seniors seem to think that Amesbury is a very enjoyable place to spend their retirement.

Amesbury is a great pick for families, as well!

Amesbury is a great pick for a budget-friendly local family move, given the fact that it offers great job opportunities, and has an affordable median income, as well. We cannot overstate access to high-quality public schools. Amesbury has one of the highest-rated public schools in Essex county. On top of that, the city has had a massive drop in crime rates in the past decade. Which makes it the perfect place for your family to plant roots in.

Lake Gardner

Need we say more? If you ever need to see the most beautiful riverwalk that Essex county can offer this is the place to be in. There are spots from shades, bathrooms, free parking. And if you are more into water sports then there are kayaks and canoes, as well! However, if you don’t want to do watersports, then there are walking trail galore you can explore. So, what are waiting for? Hire New Hampshire movers, and relocate at once!

Why you should consider moving to Amesbury? It’s close to Boston!

Not only do you have the access to a quiet place for rest, but you also have access to Boston’s beautiful amenities. It’s the best of both worlds! Boston is only a 40 minutes drive away. So, Amesbury can actually be a great place to relocate to. If, you don’t mind the commute.


You’ll have the access to great educational opportunities.  In addition to the access, you get to libraries, schools, and courses inside the city… You’ll also be a stone-throw away from one of the most prestigious universities in the State – Harvard and Boston.

In conclusion, it really is hard to find a better city to live in. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, senior, or a parent of two, moving to Amesbury is a good idea. There is something for everyone in this little city in Essex county.