4 Ways to Ship Your Car When You Move

We all know that moving is a stressful process in it of itself. When it comes to long-distance moves or international moves it can even get more complicated. If you are thinking of moving a long distance and would not like to use your car’s mileage, then you will need to plan on moving your car along with your belongings. This adds another layer of stress as you need to coordinate how to move a big item that you own. Preferred Movers have dealt with car moves in our past and we have compiled four ways for you to move your car when you are moving.

Shipping Your Car By Truck

The most common way to transport personal vehicles during a movie is by using a truck. Whether it is open or closed trucks, your car can be shipped to your desired destination. The difference between the two truck options is that you may pay more for a closed truck as it will protect the car from the elements during the move. After getting the pricing information, insurance assurance from the moving company and making sure the moving company is registered with the department of transportation then you will have a simple and stress-free move.

Shipping your Car By Train

If you moving a long-distance, say across states or the country, you will want to make sure your vehicle gets to your new home as quickly as possible. One way to do this is by train, as Amtrak has an auto train to transport any vehicle of your choosing. The only thing you need to keep in mind with moving your car by train is that someone has to accompany the car on the train ride. If you are up for a train ride through states then book a room with a bunk and enjoy the ride!

Professional Driver Services

Another alternative to shipping your car during a move is by not shipping it at all. Consider using professional driving services as they are a faster alternative to shipping your vehicle. While it is a more expensive option, professional driving services come with a variety of perks including:

  • They are fully insured.
  • Most driving companies will let you pack up your car with some of your belongings, including your pets if you so choose.
  • They will let you go along for the ride if you want to, but you are not required to.

If these services are too expensive for you then you can hire an independent driver for your move. Local want ads are a perfect place to find these drivers. Just be sure to have a background check on the person, if not someone you know, to ensure the safety of your car.

U-Haul It Yourself

If you are using U-Haul before you move then you can use it to move your car as well. Not by driving, but most rental trucks have the option of towing capacity or have the option to rent a car trailer. This option is good as you can pack fragile items in the car and not worry about them getting damaged in the back of a moving truck. In addition, since the car isn’t actually driving you won’t be putting miles on it.

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