3 Benefits of Using a Professional Packing Service

Moving is stressful. Packing for that move can be even more so, especially if you have a long way to go between the old house and new. Time constraints and uncertainty may lead you to the conclusion that a professional packing service would be the best way to go. While you research your local moving companies for options and ask for quotes, think about these benefits to choosing professional help for your moving needs.

  • Experience handling all kinds of items – It doesn’t matter what the item is, what form it takes, or space it occupies. Professional movers can be the ones to best determine how to get it from origination to destination in one piece. Heirloom items, obscure travel souvenirs, odds-and-ends décor – all can be considered safe with the help of your moving company.
  • They know how to pack –  Many moving companies provide packing supplies for you to purchase and use on your own. More specialized companies may be able to cater to your needs more closely by means of specially made packing containers for certain items. Such containers can include wardrobe bags, book, and general use boxes, television boxes, and artwork boxes. They will also know how to most efficiently pack those containers and what materials to use so your possessions are safe, even during long-distance moves. Efficient packing will mean fewer boxes to unpack once you reach your new space.
  • They know how to move safely –  Proper lifting techniques are crucial to preventing injury when moving heavy or awkward items, such as pianos or furniture. If heavy lifting is not a part of your usual daily routine, you may not be familiar with these techniques. The last thing you need during the moving process is a trip to the hospital to get a thrown-out back checked out.

If you do decide to use professional packers, there will still be a little planning involved on your part. Research your options and get quotes from multiple companies. Weigh the options they offer against what they charge and decide on the best solution for you. Planning ahead will help you budget for the service and consider things like insurance for your items. Home insurance plans may or may not have coverage options if you decide to take moving into your own hands, while professional moving companies often provide at least a basic liability coverage (it may even be included in your quote). Be sure to ask for details and clarify any points you don’t understand. If you are interested in using Preferred Movers LLC. contact us today for more information!