3 Advantages To Moving In the Fall

Most people and families are in a rush to move well before summer ends as they have more time on their hands to actually be apart of the move while also not having to worry about school starting for their kids. However, some people decide to move during the fall instead. This happens for a number of reasons; from waiting too long, trying to beat the summer heat, or they simply couldn’t find a home during the competitive summer market.

Whether moving locally or long distance, or internationally,  deciding to do so in the fall comes with a few advantages. Below are three popular benefits when deciding you will move in autumn.

You Can Leverage Buying Power

One of the biggest advantages of local moving in the fall is that you can leverage buying power over sellers. This is because sellers expect to complete the sale by the time summer ends so if they haven’t sold yet they will be more likely to negotiate prices. While your options for homes will be limited, this small market will prove to be much less competitive and there will be fewer chances that you’ll be caught in a bidding war.

Residential Moving Will Be Less Tiring

The stifling heat in the summer can make moving very tiring, uncomfortable, as well as prolonging the moving process in general to avoid excessive sweating. Moving in the fall will be much easier since there’s a cold breeze that can keep you energized throughout the day, the sun’s intensity will be subsided, and you won’t be completely exhausted during the afternoon.

If you would rather move without your kids getting in the way, you can schedule your move while they are away at school or attending after-school care. If you’re hiring a moving service, you’ll benefit from efficient workers who are quick on their feet because of the cool weather. Also, let’s not forget that you’re benefitting from avoiding the heat because it reduces risks of heatstroke and migraines and the general gross feeling of being covered in sweat.

Residential Moving in the Fall is Much Cheaper

Since the summer is the most popular time to move and is the peak season for moving companies, it is hard to schedule out movers for your move. If you wait until the fall you will have a much larger timetable to work with as moving companies are usually less busy during this time.

If you are interested in hiring a moving company for a fall move, contact Preferred Movers as we assist with local, commercial, and long distance moves!