10 ways to streamline the packing process

First-time movers will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed with the whole packing and moving process. If you don’t have experience in packing, it can be the most annoying and time-consuming part of the relocation. There are ways to streamline the packing process and make it more efficient. If you have decided to hire professional movers NH and use a packing service, you are in the clear. We offer you 10 ways to simplify your entire packing process.

Declutter your home before you start

Before any other task, you need to downsize your belongings. Start to declutter a few weeks or even months before relocation. It is best to start to purge early, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Also, you will need a little time to rest between decluttering and packing. If you live in a large home, you will need more time. You can start with the attic or garage and move on from there. Don’t wait for this task. The more you wait, the harder it gets. Do not skip your closets, since there is no better time to clear out your home. Check with your local movers NH if they have a junk removal service. Get rid of everything you don’t need.

Schedule a moving day date

This is another task that you need to finish early on. Depending on your relocation date, movers can be quite busy. Especially if it is a moving season like spring, summer, or early fall. Schedule movers Kingston NH in time. Check a couple of moving companies and ask for a free quote, before you make a decision. Once you book a moving company, you can continue with other tasks. If you hire movers on time, you will get to choose a moving date the best suited for you. Especially if there is a possibility that moving in and moving out days do not align.

Schedule - the best way to streamline the packing process
Make sure to schedule movers on time.

Streamline the packing process by starting to prepare packing materials

Whenever you decide to move, you will need packing materials. The only way you can avoid preparing the packing essentials is by hiring a packing service. That is if your budget allows you to. If you pay your movers Portsmouth NH for a packing service, you will be free from the trouble of this whole procedure.

When you are preparing packing materials make sure that you use materials adequate for moving. There is a big difference between ordinary store boxes and moving boxes. Moving boxes are sturdy, and designed to carry heavy items. Therefore, they are the best choice for relocation. Prepare all other packing essentials like tape, scissors, and small tools. You will need screwdrivers, hammers, and other small tools to disassemble furniture. For this, you will also need small bags to keep all screws, handles, and similar pieces of furniture.

Pack room by room to make the packing process efficient

The best possible way to streamline the packing process is to pack one room at a time. If you start to pack without any plan, you will get lost very soon. So, start to pack a bedroom or kids’ room first. Then continue with the kitchen and bathroom in the end. While you are packing boxes, do not forget to label them properly. Choose a specific color for each room. It will be easier to unpack once you move in. Also, label everything fragile and minimize the risk of damage.

Start with packing the most rarely used items

These items can be anywhere in your home. So pack anything you don’t use very often and label the box according to the room color. Start with your basement or attic, once again. Pack all memorabilia, camping equipment, and everything else you won’t use before relocation. This is a good time to prepare and pack items for the storage unit if you are using one.

Clear out perishables

Most movers will not transport perishables, like food and similar. It would be wise to check out the list of items that movers won’t transport. Start clearing out your freezer and fridge. Plan your meals and use fruits and vegetables that will go bad. If you don’t have time to plan your meals, give away frozen food to your neighbors or family. Try not to waste any food.

strawberries in a fridge
Eat up fruit and vegetables before your moving day.

Check with your movers if you have any special items

While we are on the list of unwanted items, you should arrange a specialty service in advance. If you have a pool table or piano etc. you will need a special kind of service. Make sure that you check with your movers Atkinson NH if you have any other specific item that requires special tools or transport. For example, if you have a wine cellar, you need a special type of transport vehicle. Also, it is better to have a professional pack those items.

Check the utilities in your new home to streamline the packing process

Sometimes utilities are disconnected in your new home. Check the status and organize with utility companies to switch them on in time. Remember that you might arrive in the evening and imagine that you don’t have electricity.

Pack a moving day bag

A moving day bag is something that you must not forget. You need to pack all essentials for both moving day and arrival. The bag or box should include a change of clothes, water and snacks, and keys from both homes.

Hire a cleaning service

Once you finish packing, you will have a mess to clean up. Consider getting a professional cleaning service for both the new home and the old one.

Vacuum cleaner
Professional cleaners will make your relocation a lot easier.

If you have a budget and not enough time, a cleaning service is perfect for you. It is easier if you are relocating during the summer, but if it is wintertime it will probably be snow or rain, or mud. A great way to be efficient and streamline the packing process is to have a spotless ending – cleaning service.