10 Tips For Moving With Pets

We all know and understand how the moving process can be stressful and overwhelming, and Preferred Movers is here to help with every step. The moving process can be stressful for people but can be especially stressful for pets if you have them. Pets tend to get easily stressed when there is unexpected activity in their home as well as them noticing an increase in the amount of people in a home. Here are some tips to consider while you are moving to a new location with your beloved pets.

Prepare An Overnight Kit

Just as you would prepare an overnight kit for yourself for the first couple of nights in your new home, you should do the same for your pet. Make sure there is enough dog food, kitty litter, toys, and grooming tools to keep your pet comfortable. This will make the unpacking process in your new home that much easier as you will not have a pet crying of discomfort.

Contact Your Vet

Just as you would update your doctors, you should contact your veterinarian if you are moving with pets. That way, the vet can give you any records or prescriptions your pet will need. Your vet may also recommend a vet in the new area so you do not have to drive far distances for checkups.

Keep Your Pets Away

To reduce stress, especially with all the movement of a move, you should keep your pet in a place that is as quiet as possible. We recommend having your pets stay in a kennel or a friends house during a move. If this is not possible, get the away from all the action so they will not be a distraction or get in the way. Keep them in a separate room or a room that you will move out last and occasionally check in on them during the move.

Take Your Pet With You

As you get ready to make the drive to your new destination, be sure to have your pet ride with you. Get them in a carrier which can either be placed in the back seat or back of your car depending on the size of your animal.

Don’t Let Your Pet Out

During transport, you may want to make a pit stop to stretch your legs or get a snack. If your animal gets out, they will notice the new area which will make them want to explore and if they get out they could get lost. Once they are in the car, keep them in there until you arrive at your new destination.

Keep Your Pet Secluded

When you have a pet and are moving from one place to another, be sure to move the house before you move the pet. This will be a new environment to the pet which can be overwhelming to them. Setup up as much as you can, even if it is a small room, before you introduce the animal to the rest of the house. Confine them to a setup room so they get familiar with the items they are used to seeing. Give them lots of attention, show them the toys they love to place with and make them feel at home. Then you can introduce them to your new home and help them get familiar with the new spaces.

Update Their Information

Once you are all settled into your home, update your pet’s information as you would with your own information. Update their tags and microchips with your new address and phone number if your number will change as well.

Moving With Fish

Are you a fish lover? Fish respond to stress and a move can be traumatizing for the little guy. The best way to handle a move with a fish is to give them to a friend or relative during a move and then have a new tank ready and waiting for the fish. If not, then you can move short distances filling a bag with their old water tank.

Moving With Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are susceptible to being jostled around. Be sure to transport these soft animals in a warm, comfortable small carrier with necessities they will need during the move. Better to be safe than sorry as this can be an overwhelming experience for a guinea pig.

Moving With Birds

Have a feathery friend in need of transport? Birds tend to fly away during a move because, they, like most pets, get jittery during a move or get jittery from any change in general. Be sure to purchase a travel case, depending on the size of your bird, to move your bird with you in your car on moving day.