Local Moves

Preferred Movers is a full service, family-owned moving company based in New Hampshire, committed to providing you with professional, dependable, and affordable moving services.

Our staff is well trained to handle any moving job with a positive, professional attitude and a desire to make your move smooth and stress free. Customer service is our highest priority and our goal is your complete satisfaction. Here’s how a local move is estimated:


Local moves are charged based on an hourly rate as well as travel time. The only charge beside the hourly rate is for packing materials. Unlike most companies, we do not charge extra for weekends, holidays or stairs, unless you have an extremely large and heavy item(s) such as a piano. Moves are charged a competitive hourly rate, determined by the number of movers and trucks required for the move. Preferred Movers operates up-to-date moving trucks equipped with the latest in safety features and moving equipment.


The hourly rate depends on the number of movers and trucks required. We use three-man crew for basic moves, but recommend at least a four-man crew when moving to or from a third, fourth, or fifth floor walk-up. Work time starts when the crew arrives at your pick-up location. Work time stops when the goods are unloaded at the drop-off location and the crew are ready to leave.


Travel Time is added to work time and is applied to compensate for the time it takes the crew to come to your pick-up location and then return after the move is done. For local job travel time ranges from a half hour to an hour, no matter where the pick-up and drop-off locations are, as long as they within the Local Zone. LOCAL MOVE AREAS ARE: New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. If you are with in 100-mile radius we can provide a free on-site estimate.